Happy New 2007 Celebrations!

It does smell a little musty and damp here, but I can’t help it. It’s not so much that I am busy, but I don’t seem to have enough time to even think, let alone write down my thoughts.
Work is great. But it may be too early to tell.
And I’ll make a mental note/resolution not to complain.
I do have a list of resolutions, but hey, aren’t resolutions a little too  overdone??
Who really follows them?
So, I’m going to draw up a list of Celebrations instead.
What I am going to look forward to and celebrate for 2007.
It may sound a little like resolutions, but the concept is different.
It’s not a chore, or a resolve, it’s an exciting personal celebration to look forward to. So here goes:

My 2007 Celebrations:
1)I will celebrate my weight loss of 7kg early 2007. (has to start with this really.)
2)I will celebrate my successful career/education path the whole of 2007.
3)I will celebrate for faith and spiritual guidance as I am fully aware of God’s guidance  
    and larger patterns.
4)I will celebrate for loves lost and won, for I am completely alive and human to be able to
    experience man’s roller-coaster rides.
5)I will celebrate each and every day I spend with my loved ones, for they are the ones
    who truly matter.
6)I will celebrate friendship, and make sure I do, for they matter too.
7)I will celebrate life, for we often overlook the big picture, in our mercenary and social
    rat race.
8)I will celebrate love, for this is what makes the whole ride worthwhile. :)

Well, I’m done.
I wish all of you a Happy New Year.
A quiet thought goes out to those injured in the Bangkok blasts,
how awful and malicious. But this serves as another reminder, why we should all remember to celebrate the above reasons (minus no. 1).
Thanks to all who text-messaged me Happy New Year.
And very special thanks to Arun who called me all the way from Las Vegas.
You lucky thing. :)

Happy Holidays!


3 Responses to “Happy New 2007 Celebrations!”

  1. Happy holidays to you, your family and friends, may 2007 bring you everything you want xx

  2. Happy New Year Meera! Hope you have an awesome year ahead!!

  3. François Cordeau: Thank you! To you and your loved ones, a very blessed and happy new year! :)

    Ambiga: Thanks dear, and I wish you the same!

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