Six Updates.

Before anyone complains how absolutely tacky and untimely my template is, hey,give me a break! It has been long and I just realised they have this lovelytemplate. I mean, if you think about it, the holiday season has hardly passed ver. Uhm, has it? Anyway, I have so many things on the top of my head, I don’t now where to start. (A problem I face quite a bit, so let me reorganise my rain.)

1.A Decade and More of Everlasting Friendship
10 years with my girls. How fast, absolutely fast, time flies. I can hardly begin in imagine that it has been ten years. Ten years of roller-coaster lives, but our friendship never wavered. Yes, little misunderstandings here and there, but at the bottom of it all, a kind of trust that is stable and unwavering, one that warmth washes over us upon hearing their names or seeing them. Raji & Lav. Lav and I, close only in the recent years. And Raji, always overseas. Even though we hardly meet up or speak often, seeing them is very much like homecoming. Coming back to a home where you’re accepted and loved, and back home to those whom you love and adore. Thank you, Girls. From being there during the roughest times of my lives, during dance performances and then graduation, life would be incomplete with you. Here’s to more decades ahead of us!

Man. There is a huge write-up on my work place on Straits Times today. I felt this wave of pride. I am really blessed because I feel that where I’m working, is one of the best places that anyone can kick start their working life. The job load is quite a bit, but I like it. I actually like it. There are secondary appts, and the role you play is quite big. You feel part of it, and important. Having amazing colleagues is another thing. It is just such an excellent experience. Another thing about working, it is hard to go back to trying to continue your education. Before I started working, I had the opportunity to help write a book for my Uni professor. I will get allowance, but that was not the point. It was very interesting and it was an excellent opportunity, plus he was an amazing lecturer. It was extremely difficult choosing between that and my full-time, both of which came at the same time. But I went for the full-time job because of other factors surrounding me at the moment. Do I regret? Well, once in a while, I wonder what would happen if I did take up that opportunity. But do I regret? No, I don’t think so. I am happy where I am. I want to do my Masters, but I’m suddenly in a comfort zone. It’s an interesting feeling to walk into a car showroom, and know that you can drive away with one on the spot (we’ll figure out the payment later.) ;) It’s this financial independence. Sigh. And yes, Mel, my cubicle. *grin* Neatly plastered with photos of important people, air crafts, squadron badges, flight name tags. Hee Hee Hee. I’m just afraid should I leave, I won’t be able to find a job that makes me this happy again. Tough.

Nothing fantastic to blog about this, but I have to put aside my golden 180 deg spinning Nokia baby for a practical, black, camera-less Nokia. Simply because I can’t bring any photo taking devices into work. So yup, I am officially a boring phone person.

4.Camera died
Yes. My one quintessential techy thing died. As a friend put it, I got the black screen of death, and while it used to come out of its comatose state once in a while, I think it has passed on. Canon. I miss you. You have served me well. Now, what model next?.. :P

While out with my two darlings, I bought an impulse purchase. A pair of killer heels. They killed me flat out. I have come to a conclusion. There are three different categories of footwear. The first, the harmless. These are basically the flatties. They don’t hurt, it’s like slipping your feet into sand. Then there are the naughty ones. The ones which have kitten heels. Look pretty, but bite your feet in all the wrong places, and leave you with painful blisters. Then the last ones, the evil ones. They don’t cause minor irritations like blisters or sore feet. They go straight to your bones. They contort your ankle and kill your knees. And yes, that’s the shoe I bought. It is so high, it feels like walking on stilts. And I finally have a view from the top. No blisters. No sore feet. Very comfortable. But my bones, oh my bones… It’s going to be a while till I take those babies on a walk again.

Saddam, hanged. Lots of things to say about this. I have already bugged so many people about this. But, I am hungry now. Working has given me a routine meal pattern, but weekends see me very hungry if I don’t have breakfast. So, I’m off!

Hope all of you had fantastic holidays!


5 Responses to “Six Updates.”

  1. haha yeeeeeeehaaaaaa!
    hmmm are u in mindef? coz as far as i know they are the only nitwits who dun allow camera phones.

  2. By the way…”always” has only been the last two & one third years. I was in Sg the rest of the time you know! =) Love you loads! Come online more woman!

  3. mel: hee hee hee

    raji: love you a lot too. been online for the past 3 hours baby! :(

  4. yeah, i got news from one of my many *ahem* minions that you were. Had a busy uni day that day tho. ok, we have to arrange a time to meet up online! lotsa love!

  5. :) I love you too sweetheart! quick fix a date! e-mail me plsss! with pics we took tt day @ vivocityyyy!

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