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Hestia & Athena Made Me Do This.

Posted in Quizzes & Such on March 4, 2007 by meera

Are You a Sex Goddess?

A brilliant bolt of lightning descends! SHAZAAM! The oracle has spoken!

The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being,

VENUS, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Let’s just say that you are a deity with quite a fan club. Popular and pretty, you fill men with desire. Taking pride in your appearance, you have a very feminine way about you. Although you have perfected the art of innocent flirting, beneath that naive exterior lies a woman ready to hit the sheets and get busy. And once you’re in the bedroom, your divine instincts take over. Smooth as silk in sexual situations, you know how to make your lovers melt. And you awe men with your sexual confidence and skilled performance. You are a diva of delight. Suddenly, like a light from the heavens, your partner discovers your true inner nature. Behold, the skies proclaim, here lies a goddess!

I’m not toooo sure about the fan club. Cough.


I did 71 out of 125 crazy things. (if I counted correctly,which I doubt)

Posted in Quizzes & Such on March 2, 2007 by meera

LAV. You must stop doing these things on your blog.
Look at me! Arghh. Here I go. 

Lvl 1
(x)smokd a cigarette
()smokd a cigar
( )done weed
(x)kissd a member of e same sex
(x)drank alcohol

total: 3

Lvl 2
(x)bitched bout sm1 else?
(x)been dumped
()shoplifted [hehe]
()been fired [my first job]
(x)been in a fist fyte [childhood]

total: 3

Lvl 3
(x)snuck outta a parent’s hse (‘A’ Parent? yeah, my friend’s parents. heh)
(x)had a crush on sm1?
( )been arrestd
()made out wif a stranger
(x)gone out on a blind d8

total: 3

Lvl 4
(x)had a crush on a younger prsn?
(x)skippd sch or lessons
( )slept wif a co-worker
(x)seen smthing die
(x)literally kickd sm1’s ass

total: 4

Lvl 5
(x)had/hv a crush on 1 of ur classmates
( )been 2 China
( )been 2 Spain
( )been 2 Iceland
( )thrown out 4 drinkin

total: 1

Lvl 6
(x)eaten Sushi
( )been snowboardin
(x)met sm1 through friendster
(x)been koled an asshole

total: 4

Lvl 7
(x )been in N abusive relatnship
(x)tken pain-killers
(x)lyk (what?) sm1 ryte nw
(x)laid on ur back & wtchd cloud shapes go by
( )made a snow angel

total: 4

Lvl 8
(x)had a tea party
(x)flown a kite
(x)built a sandcastle
()gone puddle-jumping
(x)playd dress-up

total: 4

Lvl 9
(x)jumped in2 a pile of leaves
( )gone sleddin
(x)cheatd wyl playin a gm
(x)been lonely
(x)fallen asleep @ work/sch

total: 4

Lvl 10
( )used a fake/sm1 else’s ID
(x)wtchd the sun set
( )felt an earthquake
( )killd a snake

total: 1

Lvl 11
(x)been tickld
(x)been robbd/vandalize (my Lit essays were stolen in school.)
( )robbd sm1
(x)been misunderstood
( )pet a reindeer

total: 3

Lvl 12
(x)won a contest
()been suspended fr sch
()had detentn
(x)been in a car/mtrcycle accident

total: 2

Lvl 13
(x)had/hv braces
(x)eaten a whole pint of ice cream in 1 nyte
(x)had a headache
(x)swam @ nyte

total: 4

Lvl 14
(x) ever had sm1 gone on ur nerves?
()witnessd a crime
(x)qnd ur heart
(x)been obsessd wif smth

total: 3

Lvl 15
(x)squishd bareft thru e mud
(x)been lost
( )been 2 e opp syd of e wrld
(x) swam in e sea
(x) felt lyk u were dying

total: 4

Lvl 16
(x)cried urself
(x)playd cops & robbers
(x)recently coloured wif crayons/colour pencils/markers
(x) paid 4 a meal wif only coins

total: 4

Lvl 17
(x)done smth u told urself u wun’t
(x)made prank phone calls
(x)laughed until some kinda beverage came outta ur nose
(x) kissd in the rain

total: 4

Lvl 18
( )written a letter 2 Santa Claus
( )been kissd udr a mistletoe
(x)wtchd e sun set
(x)blown bubbles
()made a bonfire on e beach

total: 2

Lvl 19
()crashed a party
(x)hv traveld more than 5 days wif a car full of ppl
(x)had a wish cm tru
( )Humpd a monkey

total: 2

Lvl 20
(x)worn pearls
( )jumped off a bridge
( )screamed “penis” @ a football gm
( )swimming wif dolphins

total: 1

Level 21
(x)got ur tongue stuck 2 a pole/freezer/ice cube
( )kissd a fish
(x)worn e opp sex clothes

total: 2

Lvl 22
(x)screamd @ e top of ur lungs
( )can do a 1-handd cartwheel
(x)talkd on e phone 4 more than 3 hrs
(x)stayd up all nyte

total: 3

Lvl 23
( )picked & ate an apple right off the tree
(x)climbd a tree
(x)aren’t scared 2 watch scary movies alone
(x)been @ a freezer-cold plce?
(x)ate a blueberry pie?

total: 4

Lvl 25
(x) believe in ghosts
(x) hv/had more than 10 pairs of shoes
( ) gone streakin
( ) been in jail

total: 2

banal quizzes.

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You scored as Married. You will get married, for you like being with
another person. Someone to share your life with, kids are not the
primary cause for you choosing to be with someone.  

Single by mistake
M. W. Kids
Single by choice

Will you stay single or get married? *with pics* created with

MARRIAGE???? hahahaha I'm too disillusioned at the current moment. Someone save me.

Result of Quiz :: What is your Perfect Major?

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  You scored as Journalism. You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in
journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and
you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.  


What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

First Thoughts..

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First Thoughts that Come to Mind

Relationships: Family, Friends,
Your Last Ex: Pain. Heartbreak.
Power: God.
Crack: Drugs.
Alcohol: Clubbing. Drunk. Driving.   Gang: Tattoos

The President: SR Nathan
War: Death. Differences.

Fear: Ghosts. Fear Factor.
Money: $$$ Work.
Yellow: Thaipusam! Mangalam.
Cars: Red BMW
Gas Prices: Stop going up.

Religion: Hinduism.
Plastic: Plastic Surgery. Non-biodegradable.   Dance: Passion.
MySpace: Friendster
Vanilla Ice: Rap. Ice-Cream.
Work: Future. Fear.

Roll: Jelly roll. (????)   Pet Peeve: Lateness.
Mexico: Bolero.
Pixie Stix: Chocolate Pixies.
High School: Cedar
Bad Sex: Selfish.

Pajamas: Bananas in Pyjamas. Sleep. Night. Moon. Comfy.
Jesus: Infant.
Pictures: Canon Digi Cam. Capture. Moments. Memories.

Free: Cheaper than cheap.

Chuck Norris: Action movie. (???)   Snowman: Scarecrow. Snow.
Go go: Old-fashioned. Nostalgic. dance.
Sticks and Stones: Nature. Wand. Wood.
Television: Starworld. Oprah. SunTV. Nickelodeon.
Meat: red. white. (hahaha… as if it were wine)

Cell phone: Necessary.
Hair: silky. beauty. fragranced.
DutchMasters: Milkmen.

Valentines Day: Wasted.