A little girl stuck in a woman’s body.
She was in a hurry to grow up, wanting to do all the adult things she could think about.
But alas, she grew up too soon.
Still a little girl. She wants to go back.
Of times of dolls and doll houses.
Of rolling in grass and squeezing fresh kalamansi.
Of simpler times. Of only the three people who formed her world.
Daddy, Mummy and brother.
She cries.

Grown up too soon.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Being a child is a lifelong duty. :)


  2. I think so too. :)

  3. Happy birthday, fellow pisces!

  4. creatinova Says:

    Hi! I am Crea. Just say hi….

  5. Well, hey! Thanks for dropping by, cheers.

  6. why rnt u blogging?

  7. Awww dats nice intro abt u !!

    vl read al ur post in coming days….

  8. : ) aw, thanks. but i’ve actually kinda stopped blogging. hehe but who knows.

  9. ooh its k , then i wl read ur old post :-)

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