Woke up in the morning at six.
Went to work in the Eastern part of Singapore.
Came back home. A one hour break enough for lunch and to catch a bit of Narnia on cable.
Went to work in the very Western part of Singapore.
Spoke loudly and taught and worked myself into a migraine attack.
Went to Plaza Singapura to send my Samsung phone for repair.
Took panadol and had a light dinner consisting of french toast and tea.
And at eleven p.m., I’m back.
Drained. Exhausted. Tired.
Thank God I’ve a free day tomorrow.
I thought I could work on my report today, but my eyes are involuntarily closing.
Tell me again, why am I doing this?
Oh, that’s right. I need the cash.
It’s all good.
Luckily I enjoy my job. I’m off now.


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