Impending V-Day.

So. The walkways in NUS are decorated with red and white and pink heart shaped balloons.
The walls are plastered with posters declaring that they sell the lowest priced roses in the market.
There was a table filled with beautiful glass globes. And one of it had a carousel in it. (!!!) And it was selling for $229.
Love, and the likes, filled the air, while I threw up a bit in my mouth.
I could go on and on and rant about how commercial this whole thing is.
But we all know that already.
And still willingly partake in it.
So instead of sounding like a sour grape, I will just sit here contemplating cancelled proposed V-day plans and work on my presentation for tomorrow, while nursing a fever and an infected right eye that unromantically produces pus & slime & other such unromantic fluids every fifteen seconds. I’m really not a very pretty sight at the moment.
I’m sorry I had to use the words slime and pus in a V-day entry.
Actually, I’m not.

Happy St’ Valentines Day, anyways. =)

5 Responses to “Impending V-Day.”

  1. It’s okay. The original Vday was a pretty brutal affair too. Lol. Hope you feel better soon, darling. *hug*

  2. true. =P *hug* have a good one!

  3. what happened to ure eye???? i hope u get better real soon…*hug*

  4. I saw the globes!! They were gorgeous, especially the disney ones. But the tiniest one was like 70 bucks :(

  5. lavathena: im good now! (remember Vaanavil two years back?) arghh.

    Ambiga: I know!! They really were so pretty. But too pricey for my student pocket.

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