Mad Dinners, Window Shopping & a Diet Milestone.

I had a nice night out yesterday with a bunch of TWTM (those who truly matter).
Our Little India plans rapidly vaporised and became Plaza Singapura plans.
But it was all good. It had been a long time I went window shopping, basically because of the lack of basic funding for basic necessities. =P So I did most of my ogling online. But ahhh.
But having everything there, in real life, and taking in the smells of the faux leather, and feeling the glittering earrings and the fabrics of very pretty clothes. and all of that, causes a little heart-pain. Due time, due time. (Me hopes.)

Thai-Expressed again. And then bummed around in Plaza Sing. Then our veryexpectant trip to our usual drinking hole turned out to be a disappointment because it was closed! So we ended up taking-away Macs and playing Uno Spin and a very quick Taboo game at my place. hahaha Hilarious, completely, totally hilarious.
Thanks to Beakman, Lavathena, my Longkang Twin and my new darlingest BK neighbour for the D.P Jeans. =)
A very, very pleasant surprise. *hug* I feel loved.

P.S: My diet starts today. Seriously. My prominent jawline has lost its prominence and is quickly melting into, well, double and triple and quadruple chins. And today, I WALKED AWAY FROM A PACKET OF NASILEMAK. And for those who know me well, this has to be the most impressive thing I have done in a long, long, long time.



9 Responses to “Mad Dinners, Window Shopping & a Diet Milestone.”

  1. ah.. yes… walk away… i shall too!

  2. Good! I shall be an inspiration. =P

  3. The BK neighbour Says:

    Well, I vow to walk away too and this time it’s not just lip service. :D
    That was a great time i had, marred only by the fact that i had to leave earlier. Nemmind. Still got two more weeks before i leave. ;)

  4. The BK neighbour!! You’re here! Eh quickly come back, please. I’ve never had neighbourhood buddies! =( Deprived right. It would have been awesome if you had stayed longer. The Taboo game was so damn funny, I laughed till my stomach nearly came out.

  5. The BK neighbour Says:

    You laughed till your stomach came out. Such a lovely picture you paint lah. :P We all gotta meet once more before i leave ok? I have yet to see certain individuals dancing to dappanguthu lah. :D

  6. heheh i know. a lovely lovely picture. =) yes please lets meet. must contact my PA again. once he’s back from down under. =P

  7. wa piang eh… i think picking me up from the airport on tues 930pm… and going for dinner would constitute a good meeting up excuse :D

  8. shamelessness.
    although it does sound like a good plan. =P
    will check with e rest.

  9. halooooo.

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