I cannot find another movie I love better.
I cannot even begin to imagine another movie I would love better.
My throat knots, my soul starts to feel light, and my heart skips
a million, million beats each time I watch this,
no matter how many times I’ve watched this.


4 Responses to “Amelie.Amelie.Amelie.”

  1. i totallllllly agree!!!

  2. Well, personally I’ve never seen it. Although a good friend has told me that it’s a good film. She’s even doing a presentation on it for her A-Level French exam. Thanks for putting that video up. It’s the sort of thing that I wouldn’t go looking for but am quite content to watch. After watching it I’m actually quite tempted to see the whole film. Perhaps in the near future I will.
    Thank You! :)

  3. Anantya: =))))

    Déjà Su: You are most, most welcome, but oh dear, I cannot emphasise enough how much I love this film. Please do watch it. You’ll enjoy it extra, extra if you’re a dreamer like me. ;)

  4. Déjà Su Says:

    (It took me a while to find this again, lol)
    I watched it all the way through! And OMG I love it!!
    Watched it in French as part of my A-Level French revision and it’s possibly one of my favourite films now! lol
    Thanks!! :)

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