What to write?

Okay. So I’m here.
I feel like I should write something even though I honestly have nothing to put up here. (well a lot on my mind, but nothing to put up here.)
Am in the midst of exams, and am suffering from the “last-paper-lethargy”.
Am already mentally celebrating like it’s the holidays.
But am not sure what it is I am celebrating.
These holidays are going to be the busiest ever.
I sense a lot of rising tensions and taut nerves and jumpy tempers.
But, it is going to be worth it at the end of the day, I think.
Going to be very busy with my Prof’s editing work, in addition.
And then, I honestly have to catch up with my non-existent social life that is currently revolving around school and home.
It gets a little taxing on the brain at times, and makes me feel very strained and drained to not have a life when everyone else around me seems to have a shred of social entertainment.

Okay. I’m off.
And I’m hoping to get some work done before tomorrow.


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