Down and Up again.

I spent five precious days worrying about something really not worth my time, and that honestly, doesn’t concern me.
Maybe because I still care.
But I’m sure everyone here are adults, more than able to take care of themselves.
What I can do however, is to make sure I’m there when I am needed.
As long as this thing does not affect me or my life, and people I care about, I am not going to bother.
If no one’s unhappy, what’s the biggie?
What I feel about things does not change, but what I said, perhaps was wrong.
I am feeling rather silly at the moment, but I have faced it upfront, and am feeling much better.

What will happen, will happen.
And if I have no control over it, so be it.
I should just look into the horizon, and at the bigger picture, and think about the more important things in my life.
I can’t believe it took a few days of self-imposed exile from life in general to clear my head, a dinner with a friend, and a bus journey with music plugged in to realise all these things.

I am one emotional roller coaster.
But I’m glad it’s back on track.
Some bridges have been mildly burnt, and some got stronger.
I’m not sure if it’s too late to fix it.
But well, I’ll try.

What’s important now, is that I’m back to being indifferent.
And that says something.



9 Responses to “Down and Up again.”

  1. Sometimes babe, we just have to let things alone the way they are & just accept them. As difficult as that may be. I’m proud of you for realising that, & more so since you’re willing to take that in your stride. Good on you. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. *hug* love you.

  2. *cheers* well done… solitude has its magic.. glad to see you’re feeling all better!! more smiles from within and stare at everyone u dunno!!! wahaha woooo!!!

  3. hahaha uh yes, thats the plan.
    the general idea.

  4. ok no idea whats going on


    u are a superbly strong woman so i say u’ll be kicking some serious butt soon. hang in there till den :)

  5. djkarthik Says:

    You’ll have your happy ending Meera =) I know it. That said, you’re definitely a strong person. Thanks for getting me back to blogging haha.

  6. Mel: Ah, strong… I’d like to think I am. =P It helps. *hug* hope you’re doing great, dear girl.

    djkarthik: write more! i just dropped by and left you a comment.

  7. of coz u are!! i’m ok going thru the usual ups & downs of life. in my myopic view there seems to be more downs than ups. but hey it could be the myopia talking. =) take care babe

  8. mel: oh dear. *hug* myopia or otherwise, it will get better! (alcohol helps) hahha ok fine, chocolate too.=P

  9. Queen of Drama. Says:

    *hug* in this matter, u and i are very alike. it is indeed terribly hard to come to terms with the fact that things wont always change … and how we feel cannot always matter. sometimes life becomes hard to live with certain things going on around us, even if not TO us or WITH us.

    I suppose this is where we have to learn to detach from the things we cannot deal with. Because, yes, they will continue to happen, indifferently. And if we let ourselves get worked up over something so indifferent towards us, it is truly a waste of time/effort.

    it is hard, even im struggling with it now. but i guess it is one of the harder things in life that some of us find easier to do, and some like us, harder.
    just bitch about it when u need to, and forget it when u can. =)

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