Little Thrills.

I’m quite thrilled about tomorrow.
I might be getting a new phone.
And I can choose a super sexy, sleek slider phone. I really hope they’re gonna be in stock.
I can’t wait!
I’m usually the butt of jokes when it comes to handphones.

PLUS, I might be collecting my saree blouses.
I really hope they turn out well.
It’s so weird. Sometime last year, I sent my blouse tailoring to Malaysia and I was blogging about it, hoping it’ll go well, and the blouses were perfect.
This time I’m not too sure because I was not so specific.
I was quite sketchy about my details and even the measurements.
And I gave the same designs for both blouses.
Bleah. How creative.
I’m off now.
I should sleep.
It’s 3.35 a.m.

P.S: Just realised how many letter I’s there are in this post. hahaha me. me. me.

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