And me.

I sit here in a room in school, filled with strangers.
Two groups of graduate students, discussing their presentation.
I know only one girl, she turned to look at me, but I was too late to catch her eye.

The week has been a whirlwind of things and such.
I didn’t really realise how deep the emotions ran,
and how much I missed.

The one week mid-sem break came and went, in a flash.
I didn’t even have time to breathe. I loved, I thought I loved, I thought I was loved,
but by the way things are hanging, I don’t know.

I miss, of course I do, but the cracks are widening,
I don’t even think I can bear to see your face or hear your voice.
You had been too nice to me, and you’ve taken away everything.

I don’t blame you though I don’t think I ever will.
But when I stop to catch my breath, I wonder why, there is
meanness in your words. What happened?

I want to march ahead to another world.
Where I get assignments done on time, where my heart and eyes are dry,
where I read more than I need too, and I score spectacularly. Simply spectacularly.

Again I sit here, 30 minutes to the start of lesson two.
My nose clogged, body warm, cheeks flushed and head aching.
6 more hours till the day ends, till life here goes still, and till I stop thinking about you

and me.
(it’s time to let go, i think…)


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