Playing Dressup.

When I was a kid, I often played dress-up. (If you’re looking for an inspirational, insightful, childhood evoking, life experience type of entry, this is not it.) I dressed as a princess, as a fairy, as Indian goddesses. With my brother trailing behind me, throwing confetti and potpurri as I walked. (I made him make the confetti from scratch. See. I taught him event-planning life skills at the tender age of 3.)

Tomorrow, it’s going to be slightly different. The BFF and I were roped in as models for a friend’s makeup exam. But this time, I’m not going to be any princess. I’m going to be an evil, witchy, gothicky, evil person, with black everything. While this is a role I’m not reeeeeally feeling,what with black corsets and black lipstick, and that I am just a little terrified about, I am strangely looking forward to it. I have never looked good in dark lipstick. And while the gothic sub-culture has on many occassions fascinated me, I never dared to dabble. It made me a little uncomfortable and freaked out. So this is going to be one experience I am feeling bitter-sweet about. Wish me luck!

I wanted this to be a long, whiney post. But somehow, my brain has stopped functioning in the whine mode.

I’m off!


5 Responses to “Playing Dressup.”

  1. desdemonadarcei Says:

    Thou would look Great! Fear no more. Good Luck!!

    – Desdemona Darcei

  2. No pics of the outcome of the makeup exam? :P
    can i add you on facebook tooo??? it’s soo coool!

  3. desdemonadarcei: ah, thanks! i think it went well, love. heehee

    thegerl86: haha i will upload a few soon. =) yes, pls go ahead and add me. but let me warn you that facebook is highly addictive! but when you add me, leave me a msg so i know who you are. =)

  4. evil never looked better! :)

  5. Thanks for being nice to me although I got into your car looking like an absolutely hideous witch. (uh thanks to you and the sweetheart fo the ride)

    But you are quite mean to me la! I complain to my wifey. =P

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