My Poison.

While Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquer has my undying devotion, there is a new kid on the block that is tempting me terribly. I could down a whole bottle of this and still go for seconds. (uhm, hypothetically, of course.) Another night beckons some time next week, and I can hardly wait.



19 Responses to “My Poison.”

  1. Looks good… but how can you possibly get smashed on milky drinks??! Have you tried jagermeister? I love it… goes well with redbulll…mix them both, u get a JagerBomb.




  2. That was very yummy stuff! More next week! *huggg* love u darlingy!

  3. Haran: You’re terrible. But what is this jagermeister?? I’ve not heard of it in my entire life.

    Raji: Have you heard of jagermeister?? Since you live in the world of perpetual drunks? =P Yes!! More yummy stuff next weeeek! Can’t wait. love you too. *hugs right back*

  4. Hmm, did the thought cross your mind to ask me about this drink? Actually, wait, didn’t I tell you about it once?

  5. Arun: Hmmm, actually, strange! How come I didn’t ask you about this drink? Alcohol-Arun. Arun-Alcohol. You should’ve been the first person. But no, it didnt cross my mind. Cough. Care to share your expertise? ;) I dont remember you telling me about this. Then again, I tend to not remember a lot of things.

  6. Haran a.k.a kuddikaara kuppae (assuming this is THE Haran I know :P): Eee Jagermeister/ JagerBomb *sticks out tongue* Bleugh.

    Meera: I don’t know what it tastes like. But I don’t find Vodka on its own very palatable. A creamy vodka sounds a little strange! Vodka-Redbull, Vodka-Cranberry, Screwdrivers are all alright though. Do you know what is another unpalatable drink? Scotch & Coke. I have no idea how guys down that crap.

  7. i don’t drink…but that does look yummy…like chocolate milk. I might actually try some….for experience sake mind you. ;)

  8. Phoenix: Yes, it is the same kuddikaara kuppae you are talking about. hahaha No the creamy vodka thing tastes slightly more potent than Bailey’s. Very yummy. I cannnot take anything that is dark coloured. Gag.

    Music: Hmm, if you don’t drink, you souldnt start. heehee But for the experience, yes perhaps. =P You shouldnt go down the paths of neither Arun nor Haran. muahahaha

  9. phoenix: show yourself! nicely calling me kuddikaara kuppae all! … jagermiester is da best la! when i come back, we should all plan a BIG nite out, and jager bombs on me!

    meera: there is nothing wrong with the paths we choose in life… even if it might seem slightly extreme….i guess i do go all the way with most things..

  10. Rest assured i will not be following in the paths of the usual alcoholic wife-beating mamas like Arun or Haran. Just a sip will do. I have self-control….unlike some men who visit this blog it would seem. ;)

  11. Haran: Cough. hahahaha I didnt even know that jagerbombs were served here! As in here in Singapore! =P Okay on. BIG BIG Night out. =P You say one, ah! I wouldnt know about you going all the way with most things. I do know about your drinking and partying and uhm, gentle soft kissing. (strictly frm facebook!) =P

    Music: Oh nooooo! I have to defend them on that. They do drink, and may slightly border on alcoholism, but, i dont think they’re wife-beating mamas la. Not that bad. If not they wouldnt be my friends. ;) But yes, you should try a shot! A sip isnt enough!

    Other blog readers: If you’re not of legal drinking age in your state/country, kindly exit from entry now. Thank you/ =)

  12. Meera: Yes, I realised I am averse to dark-coloured concoctions too. Anything fruity or creamy goes down well with me. Some liquers are good too. I’m not the sort who would camp in a carpark downing bottles of vodka or Chivas before going into a club, looking all plastered and I don’t understand the guys who do! I’ve been made to wait for them to finish many times and it infuriates me! Is drinking THAT crucial in contributing to their enjoyment for the night? Pssh. And OMG Meera, has he used that gentle soft-kissing line on you too?!

    Music: Haran is a gentle, child-like (no, not childish) creature. I know! He wouldn’t hurt a fly and treats a girl like a lady. I know! But Arun, I do not know. If he is Meera’s friend, he has GOT to be gold!

    Haran: *delivers some good ole ass-whooping* Yes, BIG night! When are you heading down to SG next? And if you don’t know who I am, try to remember a time a few years ago when a girl’s sleep was unceremoniously interrupted after a night-shift because you and a friend decided to surprise us :P If long-term memory fails you, think ‘gentle soft kissing’. *delivers some good ole ass-whooping AGAIN!*

  13. Phoenix: I know!! I dont understand it either! But then again, I have to be mildly high to be able to dance to music that I dont know. AND NOOO.. he didnt use that line on me! I just got it frm your facebook. ;) And yes, Arun IS Gold. Golder than gold. Really. ) And I adore him to bits.

  14. phoenix…..shan?

  15. Such a girly drink! :o)

  16. i saw u again in school! at the bus stop before central lib..u went to board e bus before I could say a BIG hi:P

  17. sonique: hmm..

    figaro: hehe yes, it is rather girly. =)

    thegerl86: alamak! hehehe yes i did board the bus at the bus stop before central lib. but i didnt see anyone walking towards me. hehe then again, i was very distracted with trying not to drop my laptop and juggle my notes and bag. Argh. Nevermind, another day! =)

  18. Everyone’s defence of those nice boys speaks well of them. I have to say that while I have come across many of these men before, they did not have such friends to speak so highly of them. I’m sure they are really great men and I apologise profusely for besmirching their names, even in jest. :)

  19. Music, that’s nice of you. I’m sure the boys would appreciate that. =)

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