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Posted in Archive - All Entries on September 28, 2007 by meera

I feel like I’ve lost my best friend,
the only one who seemed to think the exact same thoughts as me,
who laughed at the exact same things,
and cried at the exact same things,
and loved the exact same things,

…and it hurts me so .

Note to self:

Posted in Archive - All Entries on September 26, 2007 by meera

Stop caring, Stop caring, Stop caring.

Why’d you have to go join the legion of mindless minions?

Now look at what you’ve gone and done.
It breaks me apart to learn that you’re no different.

Star Crossed.

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Now old desire doth in his death-bed lie,
And young affection gapes to be his heir;
That fair for which love groan’d for and would die,
With tender Juliet match’d, is now not fair.
Now Romeo is beloved and loves again,
Alike betwitched by the charm of looks,
But to his foe supposed he must complain,
And she steal love’s sweet bait from fearful hooks:
Being held a foe, he may not have access
To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear;
And she as much in love, her means much less
To meet her new-beloved any where:
But passion lends them power, time means, to meet
Tempering extremities with extreme sweet.

Romeo & Juliet

Playing Dressup.

Posted in Archive - All Entries on September 21, 2007 by meera

When I was a kid, I often played dress-up. (If you’re looking for an inspirational, insightful, childhood evoking, life experience type of entry, this is not it.) I dressed as a princess, as a fairy, as Indian goddesses. With my brother trailing behind me, throwing confetti and potpurri as I walked. (I made him make the confetti from scratch. See. I taught him event-planning life skills at the tender age of 3.)

Tomorrow, it’s going to be slightly different. The BFF and I were roped in as models for a friend’s makeup exam. But this time, I’m not going to be any princess. I’m going to be an evil, witchy, gothicky, evil person, with black everything. While this is a role I’m not reeeeeally feeling,what with black corsets and black lipstick, and that I am just a little terrified about, I am strangely looking forward to it. I have never looked good in dark lipstick. And while the gothic sub-culture has on many occassions fascinated me, I never dared to dabble. It made me a little uncomfortable and freaked out. So this is going to be one experience I am feeling bitter-sweet about. Wish me luck!

I wanted this to be a long, whiney post. But somehow, my brain has stopped functioning in the whine mode.

I’m off!


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Please don’t think I waltzed in because I was curious.
It was an accident, and you are something I deliberately avoid.
Even though I know when you look.

Stupid Friendster.


Posted in Archive - All Entries on September 14, 2007 by meera

There is so much of the world I want to see.
And I haven’t.
Very few really know how much I truly enjoy travelling.
It has always been a terrifying thought for me to die on this planet and not experience the sights, sounds and senses of the vast number of countries and cultures on this very planet. Only one life to experience this all.

After graduation, I should have just lost15 kg and attempt to join SIA as a stewardess.