Darn Retainers.

I should be doing my assignment and eating briyani with my friend and watching TV and doing normal things.
But it’s really funny how a pain in your mouth can completely suck all joy from normal day-to-day activities. I was very inspired to write an entry on The One as I last commented, but I am a bit too distracted.

I’m wondering if this pain is worth it. I actually tear. It reminds me of the times where I had to get my braces tightened every month. It was sheer torture. And while my whole mouth used to hurt for one day, a single tooth plus the bone and gum above it is hurting terribly now. I can’t eat, can’t move my mouth, it just completely sucks. That’s all I can say. I’m wondering if I should just live with a slightly tipped tooth. Apparently, no one except me can see the difference. It’s a very very slight tilt, but I want to curb it before it gets worse and too obvious. Then, all the efforts over 4 years would go down the drain.

Crap. I only have one word now (other than crap), Ow. Major, major Ow.


7 Responses to “Darn Retainers.”

  1. Think of the perfect smile you’ll have after it’s over, and it’ll make it all better. And of course, there’s alcohol.

  2. heyyyyy i already have a perfect smile! =(

    and uhm, yes there’s alcohol. what about it?

  3. I also want braces :(

    My wisdom teeth caused overcrowding, but now those wisdom teeth are gone and I think I’m ready but I’ll have to save up for them :( How dorky would a 25 year old look with braces on?

    Meera, thank God you had yours when you were in secondary school! Retainers may be a bitch to wear but it’s a high price for the perfect smile.


  4. I wasn’t implying that your smile wasn’t perfect now, though it may seem like that. Rather, I was trying to make the point that it’ll be even better now, great as it was before. Oh, and about alcohol, consider it an anesthetic ;)

  5. Phoenix: I removed my braces seven years ago. And seven years later, it’s a complete pain. I must admit I’m glad I had my braces on in secondary school. But babe, your teeth are fine what! I thought you’ve a very cute smile!

    Arun: Ahem. you’re like sinking into quick sand about my teeth. “Great as it was before”?! What kind of comeback line is that, Mister? =P And yes, the alcohol would help that way. (Kids, dont try this at home.) Arun, you’re bad influence. Seriously. Tsk.

  6. As long as you notice it and don’t like it… its reason enough to put the bracers.

    :) I kept postponing till I was 30! imagine the pain and discomfort.

  7. That is true. It was quite noticeable to me. The brace(r)s came off 7 yrs back, but the retainers are a real damn pain now. Arghhh. 30! Well it’s never too late. Think about the many years ahead with a perfect smile. =D

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