Right now, I’m getting slightly jaded, and am feeling like no one should fight for anything, and I want to stay away from conflict with a ten-foot pole, or longer, whichever. Feeling very melancholic.

The question as you grow older is, when is something worth fighting for?

Am I?


6 Responses to “Fighting.”

  1. If it’s a person – when he/she fights for you too
    If it’s a dream or aspiration – when you can’t stop thinking about it
    If it’s food – hell yeah at all costs, tooth and nail. But it will be mine.
    If it’s pina colada – move bitch, get outta the way. IT IS MINE.



    (The last two were based on an assumption that you’d be fighting ME over them)

    *sends out positive chi to Meera*

    As for whether you are worth fighting for – yes, yes, yes. It is a shame if you don’t believe that, and a loss for the one who does not believe that of you.

    Voltaire says it best when he said in Candide that optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable. Happiness is a choice we make everyday, darling. Life is too short, and you have too much love to give.

  2. Sweetheart. You always say the best things at the best times. *hug* Life is too short. I will try keeping that in mind. Thanks, love. *more and more and more hugs*

  3. I don’t know you personally HighPriestess, we just tend to know similar people, or I suspect, dislike the same irritating Indian people in NUS. Hehe. But from reading your blog and from hearing about you from people who do know you, I think you are worth fighting for.

    I think there are very few things in the world worth fighting for. Most people are not worth it. Material possessions are worth even less. But the people we love? The people who have stood by us, the ones who, in their loyalty and love, restore our faith in human kind every now and then…they are worth fighting for. Over and over again.

    Just a thought. Fight for yourself even if no one else fights for you. I think one day you will meet someone always willing to fight for you. And take this from someone who was once in a relationship with a gutless wimp who could not open up his mouth and fight for me when his friends were the worst kind of people around. I think that people likes us who are worth fighting for should only be around people willing to fight for us. Anyone else is not worth our time.

  4. =) I don’t know you! But you know me. It’s a one way annonymity, this, isnt it? ;) hehe Well, whether I’m worth fighting for is really debatable. But I agree with you that we have to fight for the people that we love. Life, as Phoenix aptly reminded me, is too short. We only live it once and we have just a span of a century (or more probably less) to live it the way we should and that we can, and that we want.

    And a real pity about the gutless wimp. ;) You deserve way better, any woman does. If he can’t stand up for himself, life is going to be a little sad. But who are we to judge? I’m not sure if I can take things lying down.. and that is turning out to be a bit of a problem with me. The thing is, as I grow older, I just cant help wondering if we should succumb to society to prevent conflict.. but argh, the very thought of behaving in a manner that society circumscribes for an individual makes me see red. Hmm my thoughts are a little messed up, and I may have unwittingly digressed.

    Either way, thanks for your very sweet comment. I think, now, that if there is love, nothing is too much trouble. (got that from a Ba’hai saying). And anyone is worth fighting for, if there is love. (well, most.) ;)

  5. Haha…I don’t really know you…but I can tell you how I know of you. I’m Puvan’s cousin’s best friend. ;)

  6. hahaha okay I need to do some snooping around now. =) I should have seen you somewhere then!

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