The Horrors of School Beckon.

Uh Oh.
I logged onto the IVLE webpage and saw the little, red Announcement button flashing.
I clicked on it and tada! I have an assignment due in two weeks.
I also realise that I have some readings to obtain for Monday’s lecture.
I am one lost sheep.
It has been ages and honestly, my modules aren’t giving me time to breathe!
(Actually, in all honesty, I have been bumming like a big, great bum.)
Time to pull up my socks, and switch to high gear. I’ve to force myself to drag my sorry self to school at least 4 times a week to study or something. Otherwise, I am never ever going to do myself justice.

Ah. Words that I have not heard in a long, long time.
The welcome evils of school. =)

5 Responses to “The Horrors of School Beckon.”

  1. Oh i’m so jealous!!! I wish i cld be back in school….I miss it soooo much. Assignments, crazy lecturers, notes that don’t make sense to anyone who didnt write them himself, yup all of it. Have fun babe!

  2. Queen of Drama. Says:

    you lucky thing!!!

  3. Heh heh. It sounds nice.. well, it is nice I suppose. And I do miss it a lot. And I feel at home again. But, it’s not turning out to be easy. BUT, I’m going to ensure I enjoy this little stint.=P

  4. you will be fine la. once the initial kinks are ironed out, and the motivation inertia passes. it will be smooth.

    being a student is good! not much responsibilites.. but broke as!

    i hope u dont mind me stumbling on your blog, u did link it through facebook. but let me know if its private, i will leave!
    its 425 am, and i am trying to read about acute bleeds in the brain. needed some distraction.

    take it easy.

  5. hey! haha nah, i dont mind. Facebook is restricted to quite a tight group of friends. and yeah ure right, not many responsibilities but am superbly broke!

    ugh… acute bleeds… i dont like blood. =|

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