After my very angsty post below, certain events have unfolded over the past couple of hours that have made me realise that I’m the biggest fool in the entire, entire world.

I will never learn from my mistakes, no matter how many times the mistakes of this nature have happened.
I will always be the big joke.


4 Responses to “Dumbfounded.”

  1. thegerl86 Says:

    I think I saw you in school today. If i’m not wrong, we walked past each other. But I wasn’t sure if it was you, and also because you don’t know me, so I was afraid to say hi. keke. but u looked sweet!

    Have fun @ sch :D


  2. Hmm. Yes it could be me. Infact, as I type this, I’m sitting on the 6th floor of the library waiting for my lecture to start at six. I am positively tired and exhausted. 9 to 9. Arghhh. But, thanks for the compliment. =P Next time, do say Hi! I feel like an oldie,… so many new faces!

  3. Added you to my links in wordpress today. What an ungrateful friend I am…Should’ve done it long ago. :o)

  4. Don’t be silly! It’s fine, but thanks for the add. =) *hug*

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