Leaving behind the best things.

We’re moving.
Really soon.
It wasn’t supposed to be so soon. It was supposed to be at least a year before we start advertising our current place.
I’m feeling so so empty.
Apparently, this could be just weeks from now- late August & early September.
It’s horrible.
It’s totally horrible and I’m having trouble holding back my tears.
This is getting to be very stressful, and I’m just so…


4 Responses to “Leaving behind the best things.”

  1. where ya movin too? East still? or….

  2. sadly not the east.
    more of central I suppose- along the North East line. =P

  3. Call me if u need help packing &/or unpacking. I should be good for most evenings after work. *hug*

  4. Sure will sweetheart. Need all the extra hands. =) Thanks, *hugg*

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