Errands and Man Rings.

Met a friend today, to pick out a Man Ring for him. I use the word Man Ring in reference to this one episode of 70s Show where Eric is presented with a rather loud ring from his well-meaning girlfriend. Needless to say, he became the butt of his friends’ jokes. Times have changed of course, and me thinks men look rather polished with a shiny steel ring slipped on one of their fingers. We picked out a rather nice one from Couple Lab – although I gave a miss, since we weren’t a couple. heehee But, he got me a very, very nice present, which was a pleasant surprise. Much more of a shock actually, but to make up for all his very, very latecomings. I shall not reveal his name out of goodwill. =) Back to his ring, it was a steel ring with black carbon fiber in the middle, which was really interesting. I think Couple Lab makes really good rings, and they’re quite durable as well. (To the said friend – Please take a picture of your Man Ring, I would quite like to put it up here to show off my good taste. Nanri Vanakkam.)

For today’s outing, I withdrew thirty bucks from the ATM and promised myself not to use more than that, but alas, I used up every since cent and my bank account became much lighter after a few signatures here and there. Arghhhh. The essentials were a few farewell gifts for my office colleagues who are so so dear to me and the renewal of my Body Shop membership. (I got a huge bottle of Mango Foaming Bath just for renewing!! yay!) The not-so-essentials were a ton of stuff for SH and a $15 dollar top that was on sale for myseld. I’m planning on wearing it tomorrow, my last day at work. The latter literally made a dent on my account. Arghhh. I am so ill disciplined. Also, a slight digression for foodies, Carls Jnr makes very good milkshakes with malt. A little too sweet and heavy, but it can do. I still absolutely love the Baileys Milkshake at Billy Bombers. Nothing tops that. Especially with my girls.

Well, I ought to stop typing and get on with some earrings I’m making for the new girls at my office. They are so sweet. Once, due to non-stop work I had to miss both breakfast and lunch, and when I came back from my Boss’s office, I saw two packets of Hello Panda, Chocolate and Strawberry on my work desk’s computer keyboard. Arghh. I love them to bits.

Right this second, I’m craving for Rice & Rasam & Mysore Mutton at this Indian Muslim shop called Naderah at Changi Village, which is a mere 7 minutes from my place. It’s good to live in the East, and even better to have loved ones with similar food cravings. I’m gonna miss this place when I move. Like 2006, 2007 seems to hold currents of love & loss. I guess we gain something, I’m hoping. But although I’m hoping, I am still craving for the Rice & Rasam & Mysore Mutton.

August is a few hours away, and I have yet to buy my Literature texts which are so difficult to find, plus stationary and other essentials. I saw a few nice note books with embossed designs at Times bookstore today.  At 7 bucks, I think they were a steal. But did I get it? Nope! Did I get the very vintage fabric pencil case printed with two fairies that cost another 7 bucks? Nope! My priorities are bloody screwed, to say the least. But what the hell, I’m happy. Kinda. Well, trying.

Okay, I just have to go now before I start rambling.
I’m off.


2 Responses to “Errands and Man Rings.”

  1. Sounds like he must have come very late quite a few times.

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