I’ve been extremely busy the whole week at work and the weekend was a very good breather.
Since I spent Friday at the zoo, clearing my leave, I had a pretty long weekend that I’m proud of. :)
Had some good family time, couple time, and Me time. I could switch off for a bit, and just, be.

Work has been just crazy. Clearing my stuff plus helping my boss with papers. It’s really extremely fast paced during the weekdays. I’m afraid I’m also having a bit of withdrawal symptoms. Its been less than a year, but the thought of taking off photos from my cubicle and removing my stuff next week is giving me a sad, sinking feeling. And some mixed feelings. And a lot of fear.

Currently, the economy is doing great, my pay I’m drawing… well, the pay I was drawing was, to say the least, fabulous, but now, I’m going back to leading a poor student’s life. Just that this time round, there are going to be bills to pay and fees to pay and books to buy and etc etc etc all by myself.

I’m terrified.


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