Lay me down, Take me whole.

Through the course of our lives, through the daily grind, we come across a few songs that sink into our souls. They hit something and want you to believe in unconditional love. The ideal love. Most of the time, it is songs in Tamil, my mother tongue, that do me in. I will shamefully admit that my Tamil is not as good I want it to be, but I understand and I fall in love with the lyrics, and fall in love with the idea of being in this state of ideal love.

Recently, I’ve been listening to these songs which have a village flavour to them. And it’s just something in the lyrics. Like magic. It’s those songs with magic. Which do things to your mind, heart and soul. You just want to give everything to that one man. You want to do everything to please him. To smell his skin, and touch his face, and graze his arms and take him in. And when you kiss, and his lips press open against yours, you taste him and it is magic. Hungry and satiated, at the same time. And when his grip around you tightens, you breathe deeply and will the moment to not end. You give yourself up. And don’t hold anything back. You will him to take you whole. Everything yours is his. Everything.

You want only the best for him, as you may want for your own child, and you cry and sob to the depths of your heart when that does not happen. Total surrender. Total magic. And it hurts. But you smile at the pain. Only for him.

How surreal. How happy. How contented.

Chekirov, Tender Passion


2 Responses to “Lay me down, Take me whole.”

  1. So much of me still clings onto the completely unrealistic Bollywood inspired ideas of love and happiness. I can relate to how you feel. I have been telling myself,”If only.”


  2. Jini: You know, in some part of my heart, I do believe that there is that kind of love. You fight and have problems and scream, but there is surrender. Total love. I’m hopeless. =)

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