Arranged Marriages.

Yes, I’ll marry you.
I know your name. I know your face.
But not intimately.
We have spoken- bits and pieces of casual conversation, laced with mild anxiety and excitement.

We have spent our lives apart. I do not know your friends. And you do not know mine.
I do not know your family. Except for random information like their names and where they stay and what they do.
I have heard of the country you live in, but I have never stepped foot there.
I’ve dreamed though, a lot.

We will sit beside each other, on the wedding dias.
Watching the fire, with thoughts racing. The priest will gesture, but we will not understand.
Beyond the fire, the sea of faces and colourful sarees and jasmine flowers.
Strangers. Side by side.
In a few minutes, you will take the holy thread from the priest and lean towards me.
With my eyes shut, I will feel your fingers fiddling behind my neck, tying the three knots, sealing our marriage infront of our Gods.
When my eyes open, the world will look different. Everything will look different, and I will feel my cheeks reddening.
You smile, and subconsciously hold my hand, the little girls and women around us giggling.
Husband and wife.

Yes, I will marry you. I will learn about you. Just like how you will learn about me.
Our histories- full and colourful, packed away in little boxes, that we will discover from time to time,
admidst suprised giggles and little flashes of jealousy.
But it won’t matter anymore, for I’ll be yours and you, mine.

I will learn what pleases you. And what doesn’t.
I will learn what makes you smile, and what causes that little furrow between your eyebrows.
I will learn the smell of your skin and the way your neck feels.
I will also learn the sound of your footsteps.
I will learn how our hands fit, in the day and at night.

We will read to each other and walk.
Sunsets will look different, as will sunrises.
Sunday afternoons will be quiet, and we will sit by our window, sip our teas, and count our blessings.
We’ll attend family functions and festivities, husband and wife.
As plates of Indian sweets get passed around, relatives wonder about our unsual union, especially in times like these.
“Arranged marriage, it seems. She, at that! How did she agree?”
I overhear and smile, you too. Later that night as we undress, we laugh.
How did this happen? Strangers only weeks ago, but lives forever intertwined.
It always was, but we never knew.

Yes, I will marry you.



19 Responses to “Arranged Marriages.”

  1. Awesome! Well written!

    For me, one good thing about arranged marriages is that I dont have to impress or win over the other person! The entire coutship is eliminated, easier for lazy people or aged people like me.

    I bet there are lots of pros and cons but like you said if there arent any arranged marriages there is no way some of the couple could ever get together.

    ‘As plates of Indian sweets get passed around, relatives wonder about our unsual union..’

    Very well said! Good one!!

  2. wow you wrote that yourself?

  3. wellwisher Says:

    Getting married? Congrats to you!

  4. Dei…are u getting married???????

  5. Rajesh: Hello! :) Thanks for your kind comments. Well, yes, I used to be very against arranged marriages, what with it going against the whole notion of romanticised love and all, but lately, I think it won’t be too bad. ;)
    Ju: Yes love, I did. Nothing la.. just some words on a particularly quiet night, when I mused in my head. :P
    Wellwisher & Music: Nooo! I’m not getting married!! The horror. Long, long way more. Honestly. And you would know!

  6. wellwisher Says:

    Its a really well written post. Very Lahiri-esque i must say.. ;D I was like you too, very much against arranged marriages, but as ive ahem, matured, it doesnt seem so bad! Keep writing dear!

  7. Wellwisher: Thanks, dear. :) But Lahiri-esque? That’s flattery. :P hug.

  8. Queen of Drama. Says:

    gorgeous writing woman.
    and welcome over to my side *nai nee nai nee boo boo* how long did u intend to stay away muuuuahahahah.

  9. Queen: thanks, love. hahaha correct. how long, huh? well, better late than never! =P

  10. papadum girl Says:

    wow.. really impressed wif wats written… U have the makings of an upcoming short stories book author..

  11. Ive always been for the idea of arranged marriages, something that scares all my other friends about me for they think how it is possible that an outspoken, independent indian chick like me wld assent to an antiquated ritual, but I believe that my mother would do a better job of finding one than I would, as past experience has clearly shown that I am not good at it. That and all that nonsense of “does he like me, does he not” is eliminated. I actually much prefer the idea of an arranged marriage and I recommend it to those who are all right with letting ur elders intro u to a prospect.

    I haven’t exactly gone through the experience if being introed cos my mom and godma have been rejecting boys.;) But hey, one day eh?

  12. Papadum Girl: haha thanks girl!.. but nah, it’s just a one-off thing. ;)

    Music: I know what you mean. I think it gets different when we grow older? Like, romance seems to be dead. Those shots of chemicals in your brain during the first few encounters. You know.. that’s not real. Being with each other, loving each other with passion, with no way out, and not wanting out even in the worst circumstances? That is real.

  13. lovely entry. i remember i wrote an argumentative essay once against arranged marriages. but i have to say my parents have an arranged marriage against all odds too. and i think now it does have its merits. not that i’m a ra-ra arranged marriage person. after all everything has its fair share of disadvantages. take care babes

  14. Mel: Hey love! Great to hear from you. Yeahh.. When it comes to marriages, it’s really difficult to tell. Well, time will tell I suppose. :)

  15. so maybe in future maybe you might consider an arranged marriage?

  16. Ju: If by some unfortunate stroke of luck, I still find myself unmarried about 7 years from now, yes perhaps. :)

  17. desdemonadarcei Says:

    It’s a beautiful entry..I’ve never had much regard towards an arranged marriage, I guess you could say I was being utterly cynical at the prospect of an arranged marriage, but my my you make it sound very beautiful. And if in 10years I am not married, lol arranged marriage here i come ;)

  18. hey love! aw, thanks.. *hug*
    haha i thought i was being a major sap by writing this. not many of our age actually consider arranged marriages, but in recent times, ive been thinking that it may not be too bad afterall. only problem, is that we have to leave a lot of things to ‘fate’ as it were, and hope and pray that the guy isnt a closet psycho from hell. =P but i’m thinking our parents’ parental instincts can sniff that out and save us. =)

  19. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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