Feeling a wave of sadness over me.

Like sinking into a cold sea of black.


9 Responses to “Wave.”

  1. Queen of Drama. Says:

    Don’t be sad, darling.
    I love you. *muah*

  2. Dei, what’s with the sudden sadness?? Don’t be sad! Anytime you’re sad remember this….that there are people in the world who were put on this earth for people like you to laugh at! So think of their delusional nonsense and laugh to yourself! ;)

  3. dorkable Says:

    ups & downs, downs & ups, vicious cycle indeed, cheer up, grab an ice-cream or something, always work for me!

  4. lavathena Says:

    why liddat baby? *hug*

  5. Queen: I love you too. hug.

    Music: hahaha how to. There are so many! Overwhelming, sometimes.

    Dorkable: Or Baileys. :) Unless you’re underaged.

    Lavathena: I wish I knew. Really. ;)

  6. ranjini Says:

    I often wonder.

    Why is it that it’s so much easier to forgive a stranger than someone you love?



  7. Ranjini: Because strangers arent supposed to care. And we dont expect them to. :) That’s why.

  8. And we forgive them when they don’t care because we don’t care all that much about strangers most of the time. But it is a whole different matter when it is someone we love and expect to treat us well. Sigh.

  9. The heart has reasons that reason does not know.

    I need to talk to you soon. =/

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