Of White Wine & Jazz

One has to forgive the series of questions I have been asking.
Just randomness from the top of my head.
Work has been hedious. I like work, but I just don’t have enough time to finish!
Somewhere around 2 p.m, I start to crave for a glass of white wine, and imagine myself at home, stretched out on my couch, with Buble playing in the background and a book in my hand. And bam! I hear the phone ringing, and my mailbox tinkling and files I have to approve and… well. Yes. I did get back home, poured myself a glass of terrific white wine (Jacob’s Creek – Easy on the pocket, but oh so yummy and fruity and full) and did up my room. I finally got my act together and my room is back to normal. Well, we’ll see how it goes. Will put up pictures; am rather proud of the way I infused some pink in it. Okay, the TV beckons. I need a life. Adieu.


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