Little Dark World.

The world is a dark place.
Every single person seems to hold a dark secret in the depths of their being.
But there are some things are far worse that secrets.
People who do strange things. Shameful things. Knowingly.
Some things in the world that we believe happen only on film.

But they pretend.
Pretend that they are entitled to do that.
Pretend that it’s their display of inner individuality.
Pretend that they are ‘mistakes’ to learn from.
And worst of all, they pretend that it is right.
That it is good for them.
And pretend that the shame they feel does not exist.
And ignore their conscience gnawing at them, their soul slowly being eaten away.
It’s strange. How these people could be around you right this very second.

But alas, life as we know it, is often stranger than fiction.



2 Responses to “Little Dark World.”

  1. I am 9000% with you on this. The part I really don’t get is just how these people can pretend so much that they can even delude themselves. Its amazing just how hypocritical they can be and how they can believe that their disgraceful behaviour is perfectly all right and normal and then they get angry when you are disgusted by their behaviour, which frankly they should be disgusted by too. The only thing left to do is to leave these people and their hypocrisies and delusions to themselves. We need to have no part of this.

  2. Yup. It’s amazing. Hypocrisy. We do need no part of this, but sometimes it’s hard to tell between hypocrisy and stupidity, but who cares? It’s not like they do. :P We all play roles. Just to different extents. It’s okay. Let’s be happy with fairies and music.heehee

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