Feeling extremely and completely jaded.

Sometimes, I feel that I should, for the rest of my life, engage myself in mindless, routine 8-5 jobs so maybe, just maybe, over time I would become a mechanical robot, devoid of feelings and emotions.

Sometimes, it’s best that way.


4 Responses to “There.”

  1. Queen of Drama. Says:

    hell – and never be able to feel high ever again in your life?

    With hotties like _______ and ________________________ and ____ around?

    What in the WORLD are you talking about?


  2. I’m with u on this. Mindless routines mean u don’t have to think about all the ways in which people can treat you badly and then act as if they are your friends. Sorry if I’m channelling here. But like I said I’m with you. I wish I was devoid of feelings because then the crap that people say and do wouldn’t matter anymore. And the fact that you’ve been betrayed by some people over and over again wouldn’t matter either.

    Blessed bliss of uncaring. How I wish for it.

  3. Queen of Drama. Says:

    But music, why let these very people affect u to a point where you even lose the ability to feel anything good?

    Aren’t you and the happiness you deserve worth more than that ..?

    Crap people say and do will only matter if you let it. Why lose our ability to feel anything at all just so we can feel no pain when it comes?

    Instead, let the betrayal and crap make us stronger. So strong that very soon, crap like that won’t matter enough to hurt.

    That’s the ultimate victory. And everyone is capable of that victory.

    I hope you find some inner peace. =)

  4. clawsandjaws Says:

    I agree with Sid. Meera, you are who you are because of your ability to break out of any routine and feel the most beautiful things in life (one of which being unpredictability). On a sidenote if you were a robot, you’d be a very pretty one(and i don’t know very many pretty robots!) and you’d definitely not be able to amuse/entertain and beguile us with your musings and feelings. If you feel that whatever you’re doing right now is sapping your energy or making you lose the zest for life, which i know you have truckloads of, stop it right now. I am assuming these are choices you have to make within your career and you are still young and you should seize any opportunity that comes your way. Nothing will ever be gained, if nothing is lost.

    I know of people who have walked out of weddings/out of high paying jobs/shirked the perfect “wife” material girlfriend all because they knew they deserved better and weren’t willing to settle for second best. I know you, at least through whatever I’ve read and heard to be a girl so strong and so feisty so follow your heart but don’t lose your mind. ;)

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