Shifting Train Rails

Train rails. They are seemingly innocuous. Just lying there in the hot sun. Metal hot to the touch, paint peeling off in most places, bits of broken stone and pebble lying around. Unsuspectingly, a train approaches. Someone, or something, pulls the lever and the rails shift. Either the train is averted from a disaster or heads towards it.

Life is often like that. You make a million plans. Fantastic ones. Rational ones. Quiet ones and loud ones. And suddenly, the rails threaten to shift- Plan C arrives.

In a brown A4 envelope from your University. An envelope containing your dreams and your passion. Do you open it and throw yourself to the options that await you? Or do you close it, carefully press the seal down and pretend you never saw its contents, and continue with your 8-5? And your other job options? Not jobs that you love, but jobs that are just that- jobs.

An inner tug-of-war.


3 Responses to “Shifting Train Rails”

  1. ranjini Says:

    I really do not knw how to help u out. =( But here is a big big hug frm mi to u. * hugs*

  2. lavathena Says:

    baby! whats happening?? *love you*

  3. Ranjini & Lavathena: My dear girls, everything is perfectly alright. Nothing dramatic in my life, yet. Hehe. Will talk about it once I have sorted my head through. Rather boring stuff actually. Still, big hugs & love, my lovelies.

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