The Crystal Mirror

It was a surprise. That a tent that held treasures found its way to Singapore, the Padang to be precise.
Casually flipping the papers of the Life! section one day, I chanced upon a brief description of The Crystal Mirror.
The words were simple, but tempting enough. It promised an evening of enchantment. An exquisite evening of merriment and mirth, an experience that harkens one back to 1920’s Europe.  An evening of haute cuisine, nostalgia and breath-taking decor.

Breath-taking, it certainly was.
I planned it as a surprise for SH, an evening out, but I was surprised for I was not quite prepared for the “haute”-ness of it all. As we stepped through the glass doors of The Crystal Mirror, a seemingly innocuous  circular white tent from the outside, we were ushered into a red-carpeted lobby, with a bar and waiters dressed to the nines, complete with their black and white ensemble, with a butler’s napkin hanging over their folded arms. The place was cosy, piped in with jazz music (which I later learned was not a CD, but a live band). People in suits and cocktail dresses slowly trickled in. A waiter approached us with a Beverage Menu, and we decided on a bottle of Connor Park’s Sparkling Shiraz. A minute later, he appeared with the bottle and poured the exilir into two big glasses. He waited for us to take the first sips to ascertain that we liked it, and we did. We loved it. It had a heady smell, and we could taste hints of berries, plums and chocolate as the heavy liquid slid down our throats. It felt mildly hedonistic.

Cordoning off the cocktail area were two huge red curtains, behind which was the dining area. As the show was about to begin, someone rang a bell and the curtains opened, revealing what took our breaths away. There were stifled gasps and hints of surprised cocktail induced giggles. At the heart of the circular dining area was a small stage where most of the action of the evening was to be held. The area was dimly lit, and I’m not sure if I can find enough words to describe the wonderment of the place. Indeed, I felt like we had stepped into 1920’s Europe. The walls of the tent were covered in red velvet and decorated with huge glass mirrors framed in crystal and wood. Spherical, russian-looking lamps hung from the ceiling.There was an ensemble of musicians at the frontal stage and waiters and waitresses welcomed us in.

Our private booth was lovely. We sat at a white table cloth table set with silverware, a huge decorated mirror behind us. The booth offered the right dose of intimacy, and still allowed us an excellent view of the entertainers, as we watched them in amazement. There was a silver candlestick that held three lighted white candles on our table. Our waiter had delivered the bottle of Sparkling Shiraz and for the rest of the evening, he would pop by our table to top up our glasses.

What followed for the next three hours was a four course dinner, conjured up by Austrian and French chefs. Entertainment by acrobats, comedians and a bubble-blower, yes a bubble-blower who blew bubbles of all shapes. He blew bubbles in bubbles. He blew carousel bubbles. He blew smoke bubbles. Almost every imaginable bubble. As the night drew to a close, our hunger satiated, Sparkling Shiraz in our heads and mirth and wonderment in our souls, we stepped out of the glass doors of The Crystal Mirror. It seemed unreal. It felt like we had stepped through a time portal, and as we walked away from the nostalgic magic that held us spellbound for the whole night, we smiled, for these were memories that we could never forget, and would never want to.

I really find it difficult to capture the night with words. And I’m going to end this entry with a picture I took before we left. For they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.


 For more details, you can check out The Crystal Mirror’s website @

5 Responses to “The Crystal Mirror”

  1. ranjini Says:

    Do you have to book seats or anything like tht? Cause i saw the website..and booking a seat was like 179bucks. aargh.

  2. wellwisher Says:

    It looks spectucular!! I’d go if i had someone to share it with.. Lucky U!!

  3. Ranjini: Yes dear girl! I had to book seats! But it was worth every singe cent. Must admit, that it left quite a dent in my pocket. ;)

    Wellwisher: It truly was spectacular! I say, the next time they come around, get a good bunch of friends and go!

  4. clawsandjaws Says:

    The place really looks wonderful but isn’t it closed already? Or have they extended it??

  5. It is a lovely place, however, I think they have closed. They’re travelling around the region, should be back soon!

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