Indian Cultural Shows.

I have been involved in a few of the above-mentioned and it has always been fun, especially if your organising committee are committed and are a good bunch of friends outside of school. Fun aside, tons of hard work and blood and sweat goes into it, not forgetting the pinch of politics. When it comes to shows that I have been part of, I have no problem walking up and down and just being another organiser in a saree. But when it comes to attending an event like this organised by another school, I get a little nervous and jittery. Yesterday, I attended a similar event after eons because we were given complimentary tickets.

It has always been this case. My jitter-struck nerves. I’m not sure why. I’m 23, and quite far from the heart of politics. I mean, my time has come and gone. But, then you realise that the Indian committee is so small. You see a familiar face that you’re not sure whether you should acknowledge or just pretend you did not see. Just as my lips nearly parted into a smile with the accompanying nod well on its way, something struck me and I realised that even though years may have passed, it was not really the same. And it may not be. Afterall, we were just acquaintances. But then, when do we grow up? Maybe ten years down the road, we may be able to not pretend that we have not seen each other again.

Anyway. So as I was saying. Indians generally make me nervous. Even though about 2/3 of the people there were younger than me. I tried not to make eye contact and just swept my gaze on the shiny tiled floors. Once in a while, there were the occasional handshakes and friends from the past of the past. That was the nice bit. The show was pretty alright but unfortunately at the expected time it was supposed to have drawn to a close, the end was hardly in sight, and we had to make a mad dash for a birthday chalet.

I don’t like leaving shows early. It is disruptive and there is a high risk of tripping over an invinsible stair and breaking your neck and severely handicapping any remaining shred of dignity. I must say, the Chinese boy ushering at the auditorium was extremely polite and friendly, and guided us out of the highly hostile auditorium, complete with shaky stairs and dim lighting. (duh, it’s an auditorium) ;) But I still don’t like walking out of shows early, and worse, having to retrace your steps after realising that firstly, one way out involved a majestic walk along the front of the stage infront of the entire auditorium and secondly, the other way was through a door which was almost right behind our seats at the back of the auditorium. So it was, the disruptive creak-creak up the aisle again alongside the seated audience.

I know I am supposed to be blogging about the big date. (which went perfectly well, by the way) But that will come later. I am highly disturbed and disappointed with certain happenings at the chalet yesterday, and am really not in the mood. Today, I’m just going to take a breather and enjoy my lazy normal Sunday. Perhaps, a tall glass of sparkling lemonade, a game of Scrabble, some tamil movie running in the background, and my trusted Lemony Snicket Book. I’m at Book 9 and I can’t stop reading. On the same note, I am aware that my Snicket series is soon coming to an end, and now I’m looking for serial books as well. I saw this Disney The Annette Mysteries series at Popular and promptly grabbed it. It had four books designed with beautiful vintage art and the price was excellent. Ahh. Books, books, books. :) Well, I’m off to enjoy my lazy Sunday.



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