Ramble & Thoughts of an Unorganised Mind.

Okay. I want to blog, but I don’t know where to start. So I’m just going to go on and on and on. Firstly, I am very disturbed about the boy who went on a killing spree. He is an English major and it is terrifying that his writings actually reflected the thread of violence that ran in him, but that was not just a thread, but an overarching threat to both himself and his schoolmates. I wonder what my writings will reveal. Probably a real indecisive, emotional, drama-princess who tries to act mature once in a while. That’s not nice.

 Secondly, work is really stressing me out. I spent  the whole day in my Boss’s office, helping her with some paper. And my work is just piling up. But it’s alright, I can manage. I am a big girl. And my boss actually seemed happy with me, so that’s a good thing.

 Thirdly, age is catching up with me. My turkey-flap arms have expanded enough to brush against my body when I relax my arms by my side. My double-chin has developed enough and is now a significant geographical feature on my face. The white hair is very white and shiny and is right above my hairline on my forehead.  My butt has expanded beyond its enormous capacity. I am becoming an aunty. That is what I am becoming. I am becoming an Indian Aunty. I will wear those Batik “house coats” and walk around. ARGHHHHH noooooooooooooo. THE HORROR!!! Do something Meera! DO SOMEthing! (Exercise, perhaps? Hmm.)

 Fourthly, it’s nice to have discounts here there and everywhere. Got a free bottle of Olive Glossing Shampoo from Body Shop. Whee.

 Fifthly, I am very excited. I have quite a few High Key social events lined up for the next one week, and one of it is a surprise that I am actually planning for SH! I am having a hard time not telling him anything. And a hard time of not spilling the beans here either. ARGHH. I have a very pretty cocktail dress with the loveliest, loveliest heels, pictures of which I shall release soon. arghhhh. I can’t wait!

 Sixthly, I need to sleep early. Goodnight!

12 Responses to “Ramble & Thoughts of an Unorganised Mind.”

  1. Hi there,

    Im quite a frequent reader of your blog. nah dont freak out, i aint stalking. heh.

    ok, reading ur posts, i know ur mad over BodyShop. im not sure if you’re aware of the Up to 60% sale in Causeway Pt (opp Charles n Keith). Things are going for a good bargain.. lipstick, lipgloss.. eyeshadow for $9.90. and many more.

    so if ur free, try heading down there instead. they are selling that olive glossing shampoo and conditioner at $3 each.

    i guess ur a much happier girl now. haha


  2. its all not true. meera is jus exagerrating. i mean the whole ageing thing. meera is jus simply exagerrating!

  3. lavathena Says:

    retail therapppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Queen of Drama. Says:

    u were the rascal that made fun of me being 25 right?

  5. Shamini: Why did you do that? Why did you open Pandora’s Box? Why did you let the cat out of the bag? Why must you tell me about all these things! Ohmygod. I need to get to Causeway point NOW. as in really, NOW. It’s a good thing I’m on leave tomorrow. Perhaps I shall go. Or perhaps, I shouldnt. Shaminiiiiiiiiii! (You’re a frequent reader of my blog and you didn’t read the post about me having a long-term financial goal, and saving up and spending wisely? You’re challenging my convictions. But I won’t fall for it! ha!) Or perhaps, I might. :D

    Twinkle: I have no idea who you are. But maybe if you saw me upclose, you would believe this about aging. But in case you do fear age and it’s side effects. Don’t fear! With a little exercise, you can age gracefully. Plus, with age, comes wisdom. cough.

    Lavathena: Are you another one trying to test my conviction?!?!

    Queen: ……. Karma babe. It’s Karma. Seriously. Shit. I was at the mall the other day, and this Indian sales man came up to me and said, “Educational Software for Kids, Ma’am?” WALAO!!!!!! Bloody hell.

    Me: I am commenting alot. I am really very free. I like.

  6. hahah. we are girls. Whether we are on long-term/short-term financial goals, trying hard to not walk into that fab shoe shop..

    somehow or rather, we are very much attracted to VERY good bargains and discounts.

    oh well, at least i am.

    Btw, did i mention that the sale is until 22nd April..and its erm this sunday. wakakka.

  7. Oh yeah, not all items from BodyShop are going on sale. But they have quite good stuff really. Like strawberry bodypolish,bodyscrub, brazil nut body lotion..and this lipgloss which they are not carrying anymore..

    well, thats what sales girl told me.

    OK, i can visualise all of u staring. i better get out of here. :)


  8. Shamini: You are evil personified. Really. Damn. Lipgloss. And eyeshadow! And I’ve always wanted the Strawberry Body Polish! It’s so yummy. I love good bargains too. I mean the girl’s dollar is very precious. If you can buy 3 nice things on sale for one dollar, why buy only one nice thing for one dollar? :) I shall march there.

  9. haha. well do let me know if it was worth it. :)

  10. I didn’t go.
    I mean, I’m not going.
    Funds are too low, and I don’t think I can eat Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish for the next few days. ;)

  11. Ok. Well, discounts are never-ending in Singapore. so yeah till next time..


  12. hehe cheers to that as well! :)

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