The Highpriestess’ Coverage of The Pink Party @ St. James

 My nose is clogged up. And so is my sinus apparently. I went to see my family doctor because I was just getting worse, and SH couldn’t find the anti-biotics anywhere. So my family doctor kindly ripped $56 off me. But his medicine is really good. I am perspiring, which is a good sign I heard. I know that most of you are skipping this ranting and looking at the photo collage, but I don’t blame you. There’s a whole lot of pink there. Duh. It was the Pink Party! Since I’m on MC for the next two days (but I plan to go back to work on Thurs), I decided I could spare some time now to collage the pictures. However, my brain is too phleghmed out to coherently articulate the ongoings of that night. So I’m going to one-word it. A new technique for lazy buggers like myself.

MRT. Sid. Friendship. Reminiscent. Hug. Walk. Long. Walk.  Powerhouse. Pink. Vodka. Cola. Donation. Pink. Tshirts. Muffins. Speech. Thailand. Child prostitution. Funds. Schools. Lav. Hug. Drinks. Vodka. Bourbon. Pink. Auction. Gucci. Fendi. Pink. Gurmit Singh. Strip. Small Tee. Pink. May & Choy. Us. Smiles. Giggles. Hugs. Kisses. Pink. Free drink coupons. Tequila Shots. Giggles. Giggles. Hugs. Cute new waiter. Pictures. Snaps. Guys across room. Eye contact. Us. Giggles. Favourite Girls. Love. Love. Love.



2 Responses to “The Highpriestess’ Coverage of The Pink Party @ St. James”

  1. lavathena Says:

    babe…the toilet shot….such terrible aesthetics…!!! ahahhaa…but i had so much of fun! see! when u force me to pout i look like a druggie!
    gmail me the pics pleaaaaaaseeeee!
    love u loads.

  2. ahahah
    im getting such a kick out of the picture with lavan falling head over heels in love with the drink & sidrah gasping in utter astonishment!
    and the loo shot….classic girls, classic!

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