The Highpriestess has been struck down by the dastardly flu.
Went to work, and left in the morning.
The doctor where I work prescribed some antibiotics which I can’t seem to find anywhere!
Damn it.

Have a meeting tomorrow at some ulu place.
Argh. Argh. Argh.

The Dastardly Flu Strikes. (sorry, I just feel like using the word Dastard)

Dastard, Dastard, Dastard.
Ok, I’m off.


3 Responses to “Argh.”

  1. Queen of Drama. Says:


  2. lavathena Says:

    it got u tooooo….*hugs*..water…drink loads….and more….and rest…and rest somemore…

  3. Queen of Drama: So long since someone said that to me. :)

    Lavathena: *hugs* Thanks darling girl. I know. I must drink more water. Shall fill up my pink jug now. You also! TAKE CARE! Dastardly Flu Bug. heehee

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