WMD Pink Party @ St. James Tomorrow!

What a brilliant excuse to dress up for work tomorrow.
The Pink Party.
My dear girls who are planning to come, come in pink!
I have to be a little conversative at work, so I’ll be slipping on my huge pink hairband after work.
I am throughly thrilled.
Whee! A party for a cause.

Don’t Forget!
Tomorrow, 4th April 2007 @ St. James.
Woo hooo!

 P.S: I keep trying to take my mind off something depressing, but it is difficult. Argh.


2 Responses to “WMD Pink Party @ St. James Tomorrow!”

  1. hmmm … I theeeenk I might have chanced upon the ‘something depressing’ ur talking about though I may be wrong.

    Later at the pink party I confirm with u okie? :P

  2. Heheh. well, i guess we weren’t talking about the same thing. more on serious issues like death. i’m not goig to blog about it. its just too depressing. :|

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