Of Sand and Planes.

Baby, nothing in the world beats the feeling of holding your hand and looking at the sky,
as we watch planes in all sizes take off or land,
huge shiny monsters flying over our heads.
But that’s not the best part yet.
The best part is the way your eyes twinkle,
as you tell me how it all works,
and how it feels,
to be there,
above all.

(I repeat, I don’t have the guts to do what you want me to do. I’m afraid of heights. And all I’ll do is try to imagine how it feels to be sitting beside you.)


8 Responses to “Of Sand and Planes.”

  1. Sweet and nice. And i say do it. :)

  2. heh heh heh.
    you must be crazy. i have to be possessed or in some kinda trance to do that.

  3. shanmathi Says:

    What is it that he wants u to do?

  4. how come i wasn’t invited to ur cool girly thing???

  5. shanmathi: heh. oh well. some things better left unsaid. :P where’s the mystery then?

    Music: You’re in Singapore?!?!

  6. erm..yes…where did you think i was? Mars doesnt have broadband you know…at least I think it doesn’t.

  7. Another case of the highpriestess not knowing that someone is in Singapore…

  8. Music: You must tell me these things and not do a Sherlock Holmes on your IP address!!!

    Arun: You so should not be involoved in this! Not you, mister. I will injure you.

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