You are everything I’ve prayed for
Everything I’ve wanted
Everything I’ve craved for
Everything that had been granted.

Yet, you are everything I detested
Everything I’ve avoided
Everything I’ve cried about
And everything I’ve debated.

But you are still everything I’ve prayed for
Everything I longed to love
Then why are you everything that tears me down
And everything I’ve hated?

It’s been a long time since she cried this much.


5 Responses to “Him.”

  1. Um..i dont know what this post is about…but *hugs*

    I hope you feel better soon =)

  2. *hugs*

    Though i might not noe u well enuff, i hate to see u upset…hope everything gets better..

  3. When you’re drowning, when you’re freezin’, when you’re feeling cold
    There’s a light in the darkness as the elder always told.
    When the winter’s coming closer and the autumn’s passing by,
    Then the world will sink in slience and I think we all should try.
    Oh, I wanna live my life in a fairy tale
    Where the end is always good and never sad.
    Show me the way to another world
    Where the sun is always shining in the and
    And we fight back the tears, and we lose our fears,
    Let the world remain in silence for a while
    Sun in our minds in a world full of ice,
    Let the silence remain for a little while..


  4. I understand your pain, darling. It is very frustrating to hate and love one person so much … The only way to survive is to hope and pray and have faith that at the end of the day, the love shines through brighter than the hate …


    I feel your pain with you right now. Know that you are not alone.

  5. To all of you, I’m sorry. I tend to get a bit dramatic. hug and smiles all around.

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