Aching Bones.

Oh my achy achy bones.
I hit the SIA gym and the pool today.
I make it sound as if I spent 3 hours when in actuality, it was about 20 mins spinning, 3 minutes on the gym ball, and 1/2 an hour walking around watching planes through the glass panes.
As for the pool… sigh. Beautiful. Clear and blue with the dark sky dotted with little diamonds.
Every 30 seconds, you see planes taking off.
A deep whirring, and then a gust of power.

I’m going to make it a point to go twice a week.
I’m going to need LOTS of discpline.
Work tomorrow.

Off my lovelies!
(by the way, those who are going to go for WMD’s Pink Party, take heed! Just need to let me know and we’ll walk in together under my name! don’t have to RSVP! Actually, I think you can walk in, but just let them know my name. Oh well, either way, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem to walk in. Have fun darlings, hope to see you’ll there!)

4 Responses to “Aching Bones.”

  1. Shanmathi Says:

    How to use the SIA gym? Must be a member or open to public?

  2. I’m afraid it’s members’ only. Plus limited guests we bring in.

  3. oooooh members and limited guests ah?

  4. hahaha!
    i swear that yesteday was the first time I used the place!!
    and it is rather good. :P

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