Off Day Today.

It was my off day today. Had a very good time recce-ing Singapore with SH. :P
Since I decided to reboot The Secret Box, had to update my supplies.
I am tired of the faded, dull silver metals that we see flooded in earring shops. So got super shiny rhodium bits and yes, the colour of the season, gold. Plus swarovski crystals. Beautiful ones in ruby, turquoise and satin green. Can’t wait to start work on them. Went to Arab St plus Bras Basah. Prices have gone up since I last scouted for supplies. Need to find new places to keep costs low.

After that, checked out some real neat music stores with SH. I realise something about me. Unlike he, who has clear cut passions and gets excited upon seeing things that make him passionate (such as musical instruments and aircrafts),  I get excited over everything. Let me give you an example. At Art Friend today, I wanted to buy an Easel and paints and pastels and canvas to make art. Whattt the hell. Then at those couple of music stores, I wanted to promptly sign up for drumming lessons and buy a saxaphone for SH. (which I will sooner rather than later) And well, back to drumming lessons. I mean dammit. At the end of it, I’m thinking, what the hell. I mean it’s not like I’m an artist. Or a musician. If I was so talented, I would be in the gifted programme. Or I would have been picked up my SYO. Or would have rebelled and joined La Salle. Yes. Sure, I did request for applications right after my A’s without my parent’s knowledge, but I had no guts. See. Maybe if I was flooded with talent, I would have had the guts. Unfortunately, I belong to the mediocre mass. The people who dream and dream and dream. And wish and wish and wish. There has been one dream I nearly started work on. But thinking about it stresses me out till the point of panic attacks. And thus, I have stopped thinking about it. Don’t think I’m good enough for it anyway. *shrug*

The things I think about on my off day.
Back to work tomorrow.

P.S: I took the picture of Boat Quay on a hazy day at the top of my template by the way. :P


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