Of a Violet Lily.

I thought I’ll do a little writing about Karma, but I can’t.
Instead I think of you.
Somehow, a violet lily reminds me of you.
It might be fictitious, but when I think of a flower that reminds me of you, this is the only one that comes to mind.
As fantastic as it seems.
White, with a tinge of light violet.
I know you are a beautiful, beautiful person.
And I’m worried.
I’m very worried.
But I don’t know how to kiss and make it better.

And I wish I could.
But I don’t know if I would.



2 Responses to “Of a Violet Lily.”

  1. If this person is so beautiful, just walk up to him/her, give them a kiss and make it better. =)

    Life is so short darling. We know that most people don’t realise how precious something is til it’s gone – but what we all remember sometimes, and forget too often, is that the MOST IMPORTANT element of life that we regret the most after it’s gone is TIME. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day. It flies by. And we never know what tomorrow will bring. But it’s too much of a question mark to not

    Smile darling.

    From my most personal experience, if someone is so beautiful, and you are too, maybe the problem lies in the thread that binds you together, rather than in the two of you. And darling, when something takes a toll on a relationship to a point that we forget the important things, it helps to take a step back, take a deep breath, open your eyes and look at the thread that is binding you together as an outsider would look at it.

    Sometimes that thread needs maintenance – this requires alot of interaction, understanding. Sometimes it needs to be replaced by a less torn thread that has not been worn out by time – for this you need some time apart for a while before stepping back into the circle. Sometimes, the thread needs to be replaced by a thread of a completely different colour – with a different relationship that binds you. Sometimes the thread needs to be broken completely.

    All three are painful in their own ways. But all three can be necessary.

    Like you told me endlessly, either it should get solved, or if it is not getting solved, maybe it can’t be.

    If we are spending too much time not smiling, something is wrong. *hug*

    You know you can call me if you need anything, right?

    (aiyo a bit drama right this comment?)

  2. Babe.. not sure if you would say the same thing if I told you exactly, based on what you told me a week back. For eg., the thread is not there anymore. hmm. I will call you.

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