Of a Wooden Carousel and a Pink Crystal Necklace.

I think I wrote about buying this woodcraft thing some time ago this month.
And tada! With the help of SH, we fixed it up!
Beautiful, beautiful wooden carousel.
How pretty. I’m in love with it.


And what did I do today? I completed my necklace project.
It took a shorter time than I predicted.
And am quite pleased with the result. :)


Ah, back to work tomorrow.
Excited, but a little nervous about the work that awaits me.


7 Responses to “Of a Wooden Carousel and a Pink Crystal Necklace.”

  1. love the carousel.. really pretty.

    and i have another shopping question to ask you. where do you usually buy your beads, charms and stuff? i love making my own earrings, but this shop where i buy my stuff from in heeren is rather expensive. i’m always on the lookout for more shops to buy my supplies from..

  2. Diya: hey! thanks. :) I usually buy my stuff from Spotlight or Arab St. The latter is really good. Especially if you’re going to buy in mass. Heeren has this nice spot, I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing, but yes, it is a little pricey. Try out Arab St. Some real good finds. Especially stones and such. Happy Jewellery Making!

  3. Hey you!

    Try Chinatown. My mum makes her own jewellery too and buys her supplies from People’s Park Complex (& other Chinatown locations) that also sell guide books and tools. She pushed her tools to me hoping I’d make a few bucks from jewellery-making, but their collecting rust (not dust). I haven’t an artistic bone in me!

  4. Shanmathi Says:

    are u selling the necklace?

  5. Phoenix: Really??? Is it good? I’ve never been there. Must go check it out. Hopefully it’s not the pricey type.

    Shanmathi: Hi dear! Hmm, I’m not actually. It’s been long since I sold my stuff. :P Maybe I should start again huh? As a hobby and to keep myself occupied. I used to let my clients give me their specs and the colours they want, and I come up with it. That was fun stuff. :D See, now you’ve got me all excited! Maybe I should restart my Secret Box friendster acccount. teeheehee

  6. I think u should..

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