Snail Mail Happiness.

With all the advancement of technology, and very elaborate online greeting card stores making tons of money, nothing, and I emphasise, nothing beats the joy of receiving an envelope or a little parcel, with your name handwritten on it, from Mr. Postman. The past four weeks have been very busy for Mr. Postman. For me, that is. :) First, was the birthday card from Raji, which has never failed to arrive from UK for the past few years. That always, always brings a wide smile to my face. Second, it was a beautiful hand written card from Sidrah, which made me smile even wider. And today, it was a little surprise in a parcel from Raji. A Little Miss Naughty book. And it was about her and “The Good Fairy”! heeheehee how absolutely lovely. And on each alternate page, the darling girl wrote a little message in a gold inked pen.

I love you my dear, dear girl! It made me terribly happy. I still can’t stop beaming! :D
Mmmmmwah. Come online soon! *hug hug hug hug hug*  (I have a surprsie for you too! ;) )Wheeeeee!



One Response to “Snail Mail Happiness.”

  1. Was it gold? I thought I used a bronze pen. Either way!

    I have to tell you about that absolute serendipitous-ness of the snail mailings! I sent that package off to you last week after Uni on my way back to hostel. I come back & find your card waiting for me in my hostel flat! And I was utterly brimming in glee!

    In other gleeful news, I found a collectors edn box set of 5 of Charles Dickens’books – pickwick papers, oliver twist, tale of two cities, great expectations and david copperfield. with illustrated hard covers & in perfect condition. its not an old copy or anything but its gorgeous. got it for 35quid at a book fair. isnt that so cooool?

    Glee glee gleeee!

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