Very Disorganised Thoughts.

Okay. A lot of things I want to put down. But thoughts running everywhere, so as usual, I will try to bullet point.

1) Typo Of the Day:
Me: i tell you, when you’re back, we must go to woodlands. causeway pot.
Raji: ?

2) D&D
It was damn bloody good fun and was too hilarious. Other than the fact that me, together with 5 other girls got hauled up on stage and given emergency handphone chargers as gifts simply because we had something black on us, were wearing watches, were not wearing glasses, had hair past our shoulder length, were female, and had correctly guessed the host’s mobile subscription as being M1. How embarassing. Infront of my whole department. (which is freaking huge, btw) Argh. Overall, great fun. The host Justin was realllly, realllllly good. And super energetic.  And funny. Terribly funny.

3) Movies
Was at Vivocity today. (hahaha why am I laughing? i dont know. people are funny la.) Well, yes, was at Vivocity today with SH. Went a lil crazy and bought 4 very, very nice and absolutely darling skirts for work. Now to buy matching shoes and tops (preferably from This Fashion. cough. hey, they’re basics are good!). Also caught the movie, Volver. Penelope Cruz is surprisingly good. Very earthy and real. Of course, lots of cleavage, but what the hell. Damn good film. Another one was Paris, Je taime. A collection of short French films. I enjoyed that thoroughly as well. I’m a sucker for short stories and novellas, so watching this was like a gift from the Divine Powers of Art. A couple of stories I didn’t quite understand, but some were just, simply put, beautiful. OH. Did I mention that I absolutely love this bookstore called PageONE in Vivocity? Very, very funky. The shelves look like they are sinking into the floor and are all tilted to one side. Nice. :) I have too many books to finish reading. Egad. (my goodness. haven’t heard that word since I last read Archie!)

4) Sleepy.
Sleepy. And am going to cut my hair tomorrow. And perhaps, dye it black. Or a very dark dark shade of brown. Oh well. We’ll see my mood tomorrow. Toodles little blog.


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