Work Sweet Work.


I must be a nerd. I must be a real nerd. I must really be a real nerd.
I like work. I look forward to it everyday. I count my blessings. I am lucky. Of course, on occasion, I sit there wondering if it was for this that I studied and enjoyed poring through libraries of literature texts for three years. Is this what I see myself doing years from now? I don’t know. Honestly, not really. But it’s too early to tell, isn’t it? I like my job, my work place, my colleagues. My boss just came back from a vacation in US, and got me super stylish chrome earrings and a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume. How cool.

I’m feeling a little bummed because the next few days are going to be a little hectic, and not very routine. Work ends a little early tomorrow because we have our annual Dinner & Dance. Somehow, it all sounds very auntish-unclish, but, well yes. So we knock off early, but since I live on the other side of the planet, I have to rush off and change and then meet my colleague who insisted on fixing me up with her Estee Lauder beautician. So we’ll be doing our make up together tomorrow. She is really on. But well, I’m not complaining. She is one of the best colleagues anyone can have. Really nurturing and patient and funny. And a foodie and a health freak, and yes, gives me Estee Lauder makeup appts. :P I probably would be more enthusiastic about this whole dinner and dance if I didn’t have a huge pimple emerging smack from the center of my forehead. It’s just that everything’s going to be really rushed from tomorrow. So after work, have to rush back home. :( And the next day, I don’t have the luxury of being chartered to work. I have a six day course to attend, on another part of the island, and have yet to figure out how I’m going to drag my slumber-struck body there every morning. :( Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Well. Time to go raid my wardrobe again. My dress sense has deteriorated. (just for the record, drinkboy had to remind me how this word was spelt.) *bangs forehead on wall*

Farethee well, my faceless friends! (and the faced ones) (and the defaced ones) HAHAHAH my humour stuns me, occasionally. okay, i’m off!!!


2 Responses to “Work Sweet Work.”

  1. ey madam, why does enjoying your job mean ur a nerd ah? I LOVED MINE, AND I AIN’T NO NERD!

  2. HEEHEE. we are nerds. fullstop. apparently, the cool thing is to hate your job and complain to no end about it. but crap, i think we are just blessed. it’s a tough world.

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