The Boy Who Made My Day.

Today, I was at Causeway Point (yes, the mall allllll the way at the other end of the island) waiting for SH to come for a real long time.
With nothing to do, I was walking around aimlessly, and damn, Causeway Point is a real good place.
Affordable and nice. I found sooo many things at a price that is easy on the pocket.
Of course, now I don’t have a pocket so I stopped short at buying little gifts for my lovelies.
In the middle of the shopping center on the ground floor, there was a mini-sale set up by a toy store. They were selling these amazing things called WoodCraft. They come in flat wooden slates that have pieces cut out. You have to pop it open, follow the instructions and build them up. It’s a crafty thing and they look so damn good. I bought the boys a helicopter and an old fighter plane models. And guess what. I finally bought a carousel. Just that I have to build it from scratch. :) And I’m very excited. My very first carousel. And I get to build it!

Anyway. That’s not the point. So there was this Chinese boy around the age of 17 in school uniform, presumably a JC kid. And he was helping his older sister out with the sales and attended to me. He was very helpful and was gleeing away. Sudednly, while his sister was counting out the change, he smiled and mumbled to his sister. He turned to me and in glazed eyes and in a voice mixed with awe (i swear) he said, “You are very beautiful.”. He quickly smiled nervously and crossed his arms and blushed. His sister giggled and said, “He’s so strange right!”

I was so stunned. But I jumped around in my heart.
How this boy completely made my day.
At the end of a workweek.
And a stranger. A complete stranger, makes me feel as light as a feather on a windy day.


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