The Highpriestess is Boring.

Yes. I have concluded this.
I am becoming extremely boring.
Or perhaps, I have become extremely boring.
Too boring for my own goodness.
I met up with a long time friend, confidante yesterday for a little birthday dinner treat @ Changi Airport’s Fish & Co.
He is the older brother figure that I have always sought solid advice from.
You know, the ones who never let you down with their steadfast, grounded approach.
While I was sitting at home with my MCs, I was really looking forward to meeting up with him and telling him all about my life.
And as we sat for dinner, he was updating me on his life and diving stories and bungy jumping stories and overseas stories to Macau, India, Penang etc, I sat there trying to say something exciting about my life, but I couldn’t. I really, really couldn’t. To make things worse, he said that I have a habit of spacing out- looking into the distance with a glazed look. Is that what I have been reduced to? I always had so many exciting things to say and do, but there I was. Bombarding my brain to say something exciting, or at least intelligent even. But nope.

I think the most exciting thing I did was a little jump I did when I saw he had bought me the Lemony Snickett’s Collection that we decided to split-cost. I jumped. Over books. Books.

No comments. I have entirely no comments on myself.
But to my dearest brother, thank you very much. I had a very, very lovely evening.
Your stranded-at-sea story still makes me burst out laughing.
I just wish I lived a life half as exciting as yours. But, I don’t think I have the guts to do that.
Because that’s me.
I’m boring.
The only exciting in my life right now? Is my little fairy tattooed on myself.

I. Need. A. Life.

P.S: The books are fantastic. I love them! Thank you so so so much, Cool Geek! :P
P.P.S.: Get a life, Meera.

4 Responses to “The Highpriestess is Boring.”

  1. shanmathi Says:

    Hi Meera,
    Will you give out the password for silent readers like me? I’ve been reading yr blog since 2002. I like yr writing style! :)

  2. uglybug Says:

    ahaan. mhm. yep. mmm. toot toot tut toot ahaan

  3. shanmathi: hi love, oh dear. i’m so sorry, i’m not sure yet if i should give it out, because there still are jerks reading my blog. i wish i knew better, but rest assured, i will e-mail you soon. thanks for reading my mundane, deranged and delusional train of thoughts since 2002. that is really too long to be exposed to my writing. *hug* thank you! hey, 2002 was a longgg time ago. i didnt know anybody who actually read me then. :P

    uglybug: aw, sugar. ;)

  4. Shanmathi Says:

    Hi Meera,
    Hehe yes 2002 if I’m not wrong. Been following up since ye uni days, the day u got yr driving license…hahhaa

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