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Hush, little girl

Don’t show him who you really are

For if you do

You’ll become a fallen star


Reminder for my Girlfriends.

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Theresa Tan
Date: Mar 31, 2007 12:43 PM
To: Friends of WMD, Friends Of WMD2, wmd mailing list,, WMD MP meeting, WMD Expo 2006, WMD volunteers, WMD Expo volunteers,


Dear Friends and Supporters of WMD

Forgive the mass email! This is just a reminder for WMD’s 2nd anniversary party next Wednesday 4 April at Power House Disco, St James Power Station (3 Sentosa Gateway).

We’ve had overwhelming response (yay!!) – thank you for RSVP’ing! If you wish to invite more friends here is the emailer attached. But do help us by RSVP’ing to in case we need to make more space…

Our fundraising target that night is $10,000 – let’s REALLY make a difference together! Come and share our vision, become a member for $10 and get an AWESOME goody bag worth much much much more, and of course, buy that new WMD pink T-shirt that May and Choy are wearing! And… Bid for some amazing items at our auction! (We’re not charging for entrance but we do welcome donations! :))

And come and partake of our birthday cake, which I promise, is quite a sight to behold and eat! Courtesy of the beautiful baker Victoria Yam of!

See you all there!

PS Some people have asked about dress code: we’re not fussy but if you wear PINK it would be a perfect show of support!

Theresa Tan
Women Make A Difference Ltd

My Visual DNA

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Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

CLICK ON MY LINK! :) I’m so excited about this visual DNA thing, but I cant seem to display the whole thing nicely here like in Raji’s blog. grumble. :(



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You are everything I’ve prayed for
Everything I’ve wanted
Everything I’ve craved for
Everything that had been granted.

Yet, you are everything I detested
Everything I’ve avoided
Everything I’ve cried about
And everything I’ve debated.

But you are still everything I’ve prayed for
Everything I longed to love
Then why are you everything that tears me down
And everything I’ve hated?

It’s been a long time since she cried this much.


Apology & Heartbreak.

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She sat there alone. Her heart hurt.
A pain so deeply embedded, her emotions broken.
She tried to speak, but only a stifled sob surfaced.
Her throat hurt from keeping it in,
and unable to hold it anymore, she cries.
Eyes wet. Moist tear streaks down her cheeks.

He feels her pain. And hurts. A dull ache.
Not believing he could hurt her so.
He walks across the room and kisses her head,
pushing back a lock of hair that clung to her wet face.
He takes her in, and holds her close, not letting her go.
“I’m sorry sweetheart. Don’t cry. It hurts. Please.”

I’m sorry.



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I wonder why I’ve been trying so hard

When it looks like nothing is going to change anyway

Can’t change you, can’t change me, can’t change things

And I’m still going to feel like one crazy bitch.



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And you.
Just why can’t I get angry with you?