Enveloped. Breathless.

Ever had the feeling of being wound up too tight?
Like a gust of air around you
Rapidly morphing into tight binded rope
That winds round, and round your entire being
Your heart is stiff
Your soul still
Your mind battling- raging against thoughts and thoughts and thoughts
That invisible rope, burning and stinging
With your every move of resistance
Every breath of dissent
Every gesture of heat
It hurts.
It envelopes.
It suffocates.

3 Responses to “Enveloped. Breathless.”

  1. Like the more you struggle, the worse it gets, and the only solution that makes sense is to let it do its work?

    like quicksand.


    But after that, i’ve also felt the rope loosening, giving way to fresh air.

    You will too, love. *hug*

  2. “sitaron key aagey jahaan aur bhi hain … “

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