Updates #01 to #04

#01- The mouth is healing at its own pace. I still can’t talk and laugh as per normal. I can’t open my jaw, it hurts at deep crevices in my mouth I never knew existed. I’m bruising slightly where my upper and lower lip meet at the right, the skin is also healing a little, and browning. All I can do is to smear Passionfruit Lip Butter around my lips. Talking about Lip Butter, I must run along to my next point- Body Shop.

#02- The Body Shop has an evil plot to reduce whatever little dollars and cents I have to a heap of products. Well, not that they aren’t depleting at a fairly hasty rate, but my financial resources are also depleting at an alarming rate. I spent a little today because firstly, I have a 20% birthday month off, and secondly there were a few things I needed urgently. One was the Bath Brush and the other was the Vitamin E body lotion because of my tattoo. *gasp* Next bullet- my tattoo.

#03- Quite a few folks know about this I believe, from well-meaning friends’ blogs, but well, this is what the whole hoopla has been about on my blog regarding the protected entries. I still can’t give away the passwords, so I will start on my tattoo now. The Highpriestess is officially inked! It happened last week. I have a grand fairy sitting at the bottom of my spine, with brilliant red wings, seated on a red rose plant, and breathing in the perfumes of another rose bud. It is a little bigger than I expected, but apart from some facial features I’m not 100% pleased about, I am very happy with how it turned out. Gorgeous. Graceful. Strong. Indepedent. Fragile. Beautiful. Emotional. Brilliant. I love her. I’m thinking of a name for her, but I haven’t decided as yet. So, the thing is, I have to keep moisturising the tattoo so that it doesn’t dry up. The antiseptic cream which I have to apply twice a day is not really enough, and during the day I have to smother it with Vitamin E lotion- which realllllly speeds up the healing process. I wish I had done it earlier. About 1% of the outline is coming off a little, but I suppose that is what the touching up is for 2 weeks from now. So yup, had to load up on Vit E!

#04- Well! That’s about it. I’m gonna go watch TV and slurp (without chewing) instant noodles that SH has lovingly whipped up. Toodles for now.


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