Little Children and Card Games

The day was pretty good. Spent at Vivocity.
Watched Little Children with Drink Boy, who got me a very pretty red and white skirt for my birthday. And still owes me one more. cough.
Then we got the book Little Children to read and compare with the movie.
See what intellectual people we are?

Back to the movie. I liked the movie. A big plus was that it had an omniscient, 3rd person narrator.
It made the movie feel like I was reading a book and seeing on big screen what I was visualising in my mind. It was interesting the way the parallels were drawn with the theme Little Children. *spoilers ahead*


We have the Paedophile who literally is after little children. But even Ronnie, the said paedophile, is a child himself, going to the extremes in the end just to be a good boy. The amorous cheating couple, little children themselves, seeking selfish pleasures, putting all at risk. The movie was good, hit some raw nerves, reminded us that it was fiction, yet it was something about the narrator’s role that made it seem he was narrating a real life incident that happened right next door to all of us, or perhaps even to us. I just have to read the book. Thus, the impulse purchase.


Well, moving on, after the movie, met up with three of my terribly wonderful people.
We first had dinner- which would include me sipping my fish soup at a snail’s pace and gulping down Chrysanthemum tea.
And then ended up at the Sky Roof  playing Tai Ti and eating Chocolate Muffin (mashed for me) and drinking Strawberry Milk.
I finally learned how to play Tai Ti. For nearly 8 years, various people have struggled to teach me Tai Ti. Even Shan. But with coherence and patience, Lav and CH explained the game to me, and I actually won one round! Whee.
Unfortunately, no photos.
But I had tons of fun. It’s just these little simple joys that make life that much more worth living.
I love them all so much.
I don’t think they have any idea how much, but well. :)

I realise that some of my friends who have yet to meet up with me are asking what I want for my birthday. I have only 2 things on my wishlist now. One is a little hard on the pocket. And the other is well, a little reasonable. ;)

1- The ENTIRE collection of Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unforgettable Events packaged oh so prettily.
2- A pair of sunglasses.

So much for my wishlist.
I could throw in a few more. Jewellery! A Fairy necklace, or a necklace with the writing of my name in plate. Fragrance! Any JPG or BabyDoll by YSL. Of course, this is now my girly greediness talking so I shall go sleep. Eyes are heavvvyyyyy.


2 Responses to “Little Children and Card Games”

  1. I miss all you people!! Boo Hoo Hoo! I want home, and friends to hang around with!!!

  2. Darling girl, we miss you so much too! Just so glad that you’re gonna be back soon! Whoooopeedoooooooooooo! *hughug*

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